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I wanna learn JavaScript?

HI, i started learning javascript for about 2 weeks and i am doing it terrible i don't really understand this script languages logic

so could u give me some advice how can i learn it faster and how much time do i need to learn javascript

Also links to good websites that teach javascript are also appreciated

Thanks for help :)

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    If you have grasp the syntax of JavaScript. The best way to become efficient in JavaScript is to start with small programs. Write small programs and practice daily.

    Some of the good online resources where you can learn JavaScript-

    - Code Academy - This website have theory which is very easy to understand and also have projects on web development for practice.


    - The New Boston - This website provide free video tutorials on JavaScript and other programming languages that are very simple and easy to understand.

    Tutorials link-

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    Post any questions you might have. Do a lot of experiments. Post code you've written and ask why it works, more commonly, why it doesn't. The more you work with it, think about, and talk about it, the more your understanding will grow.

    - Dominic

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    Welcome to the programming world. Check this website, , great website for me, you can learn javascript along with other programming languages. Good Luck.

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