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Is one and a half hours enough time to make a connection in Vancouver Airport?

If the flight from Sydney to Vancouver lands at 7:30, would I be able to make it in time for a 9am flight to Ottawa after going through customs and immigration?

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    Flights are usually coordinated so that passengers don't miss their connections, if you are still worried talk to the agent when you check in, and try to get a seat near the front of the plane, so you will be first off. Also pack as light as possible, and if you can get away with our. Using a " carry on" that will speed things up . Check your luggage from your boarding airport directly to your destination if you can. And stop worrying, have safe flight .

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    It all comes down to how busy Customs & Immigration is that morning so it can depend on just what day you're flying. My time through YVR in the past has usually been been around an hour so you will likely be OK, although my flights have been originating in the US rather than Australia but it's still the same Customs process.

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    It will be close. So when you leave flight one, immediately go to flight two. After you get to the second gate, only then can you decide if you have enough time to go to the bathroom or other things. Run if you have to.

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