hello i need some accounting help?

I need to find the free cash flow, current cash debt coverage, and debt coverage for the following problem:

Suppose during 2014, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation reported net cash provided by operating activities of $89,358,000, cash used in investing of $43,108,000, and cash used in financing of $7,322,000. In addition, cash spent for fixed assets during the period was $25,810,000. Average current liabilities were $240,800,000, and average total liabilities were $270,420,000. No dividends were paid.

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    7 years ago
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    Free cash flow = Cash provided by operations - Capital expenditures - Cash dividends

    $89,358,000 - $25,810,000 - 0 = $635,480,000

    Current cash debt coverage = Cash provided by operations / Average current liabilities

    $89,358,000 / 240,800,000 = 0.37 times

    Cash debt coverage = Cash provided by operations / Average total liabilities

    $89,358,000 / 270,420,000 = 0.33 times

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