Internet business make land cheap in USA?

Hi everyone!!!i just wonder, now so many business are with internet closing stores DVD, but I see blockbuster were close down. More future what you can imagine??will store fewer and the price of land will be cheaper as well??

I m curious to know your opinion!!!!

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    7 years ago
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    I dont believe the impact of the internet on retailers is pervasive enough to directly effect property values. The shenanigans by wall street and banks that resulted in the real estate crash is probably a bigger factor.

    The real hot issue is the loss of tax revenues from businesses that have gone virtual, which can impact the well being of some cities and states.

    To extract revenue from Amazon states justified taxing them if they had any facilities in the state, to which they managed to include any affiliate marketers residing in the state who earn a 4% commission for sales the bring in, in response Amazon discontinued their affiliate program in some states.

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    7 years ago

    The internet businesses still need warehouses to store the items they sell and they still need people to work and fill those orders. The demand for spacious buildings is actually higher. The bigger the business the more orders need to be filled and the merchandise has to be stored somewhere before it is sent off to the buyer.

    A few retail stores closing because their time is past.... does not change the real estate market.

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