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can somebody help to rewrite all talk in the film?

I want translate the film, but I can't understand many words.

can anyone rewrite all that talk in the film?

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    Hello. We've been looking for you. Get her.

    [Song Lyrics]

    Now that I've broken down my walls for you

    Will you repay me like the ones who put them up

    I see the promise in your eyes, so true

    But will you leave me crucified, and so broken...

    In the sun I can shine, I can feel my own demise

    In the sun, in your eyes, I'm so

    This is the place? Carrie, this is a bad night to be out.

    What night isn't? If I'm going to play like the best I'm going to have to learn from the best. [Name here] may never agree to teach me again.

    But tonight? For real?

    Yeah tonight for real.

    Freaks out here give me the creeps.

    Yeah me to. Look you don't have to come inside with me if you don't want to you got me this far and thank you, but I have to do this. OK?


    I'm sorry.

    Damn it.

    [Song Lyrics]

    But will you leave me crucified, and so broken...

    Will you leave me crucified

    Will you leave me crucified

    Will you leave me crucified

    Will you leave me crucified

    Will you leave me crucified

    And so broken

    I thought you could use one of these.



    What time is it.

    Late, wicked set, I mean, considering you're ...


    Mutants and god knows what else are out in full force tonight.

    That they are.

    Looks like Miss Carrie Kelly decided not to come for her lessons.

    Maybe. I've got to get some air.

    Liver functions declining. Imminent failure 96 days. Heart function declining. Imminent failure 85 days. Blood toxicity level dangerously high 18.3%. Kidney function...

    Hey doc. I've got some more for you.

    You need to calm down. Do not make any sudden movements and do not try to run.

    Is she a match?

    She's the closest we've got.

    Already administered immune-supproessents.

    Are you afraid?

    Please, I don't want to die.

    I've always considered the tomb to be, but another room.

    Hardly something to fear. Wouldn't you agree? Deep breaths. There you are.

    Find me a match.

    Are you afraid?

    Come on man where you going?

    Come on just take my wallet.

    Come on man what do you want?

    We want to know what color panties she has on.

    Chicken legs.

    I'm sure she ain't wearing any.

    Well I'd sure like to investigate.

    Keep me warm mommy.

    You ain't going no where.

    Keep me warm mommy.

    I'll keep you warm.

    All your groupies took off.

    I know you, you killed the freeze.


    Richard, don't.

    This guy tried to rape you. Piss off.

    You happy?

    He took the gun right out of his hand like it was nothing. No body stands up to them like that. Except maybe the Batman.

    I'm Anna Miller reporting live from downtown Gothem City. Tonight another Gothemite is missing. Details of her identity are unknown …

    That's got to be 30 or 40 girls by now.

    Yeah at least.

    Hey maybe you should head home before it gets any worse. Especially you Carrie.

    How can it get any worse?

    She's right in a way. The cops haven't found a single one of those girls. Not alive at least.

    I'm sorry I'm being told that the abducted woman is 27 year old Barbara Ilene Gordon, Gothem City resident. I'm being reminded that this young woman is the daughter of former Gothem City Police Commissioner James Gorden. Information has been leaked from a reliable source stating, and I quote "Not one victims body has been recovered fully intact. Their organs have been …

    I'm going to get some air.

    Wait what do I do?

    Hold this.

    How long?

    Not long.

    You're going to need these.

    I''ll try not to go too fast.

    Regardless of the criminal's motives one thing is clear. That he or she has extensive knowledge of human anatomy.

    You're going to have to learn to listen because I can do this all day sweetheart.

    If you are going to knock me down you are going to have to hit a hell of a lot harder than that.

    OK. Have it your way.

    You're not going to believe who just showed up: Richard Grayson.

    Well let's go give him a proper welcome.

    And her?

    She'll be out for a while.

    I'm sure someone would have dusted you by now Grayson.

    You've got a friend of mine in there.

    She's in there? Then she's my friend now.

    You've started a legend around here Graysee. What does that make us when we kill you?


    He can't help himself.

    Shoot shoot shoot.

    Never took you for a coward Grayson.

    Go round, hit him on the other side.

    I can't breathe.

    It's him.

    Let's go let's go.

    What are you.

    Watching you.


    You see that?

    See what?


    You ok.

    I'm fine. It's ok.

    I know you came here for me but we are all grateful.

    Thank you.

    Let's get you girls home.

    So you want a lesson. I'll make time for you.

    I sure the news: Barbara Gorden saves a dozen women.

    Well if it's on the news it must be true.

    If you see there tell her I say "good job".


    There was something else on the news. The cops, they found a grave, a mass grave.

    How many girls?

    30 so far.

    Well be safe out there I guess.

    Richard wait!


    That is not my name.

    Please don't.

    This Gorden was a potential match.

    You don't understand, Grayson was … he had help.


    I didn't see who.

    You owe me several matching specimens, This one will do just fine.

    Carrie Kelly? And Grayson?

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