Are there any recent domestic serial killers?

It seems we haven't seen any like Dahmer, Ramirez, Gacy, Bundy in a long time.

Do you think that type of killer is a thing of the.past?

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  • Anika
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    7 years ago
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    The most recent serial killer is Israel Keyes. He was discovered in 2011 I believe. It is unknown exactly how many victims he had (he admitted to many) because he committed suicide in jail (before trial). Although 8+ victims are likely, which is why the FBI has recently begun to look at missing persons cases and see if they may have had any contact with him. (He traveled around a lot looking for victims). Hope this helped!

  • 0110
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    7 years ago

    Using the FBI definition,of serial killer since they made up the term, there are about 35 to 40 serial killers not caught or incarcerated working in the US right now.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There's always around 10 to 15 serial killers operating in the US daily according to FBI.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because you don't bother to read the news, but merely wait for it to be fed to you.

    2009 Cleveland, Anthony Sowell is arrested, four bodies were found in his house and more in the backyard. He is charged for eleven murders.

    2013 Ariel Castro is found to have imprisoned three women in his basement for over ten years.

    2013 Michael Madison is arrested for the murder of three women in East Cleveland.

    There you go, two mass killers and a deranged kidnapper in one metro area within five years.

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