what furniture do women want or require at home?

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is tough question unless you know the woman's likes, dislikes and wants.

    In general people have too much furniture. Minimalists and minimalism can give you a bare bones look and explanation as to what is really necessary. But not all women are minimalists. In fact some are hoarders.

    I am somewhere in between and not a woman. But too much clutter makes too much work if you move, too much if you want to clean each week ( or have a clean home) and some pieces really aren't necessary. If you don't read much, why have a bookshelf? If you never have guests, why have a complete bedroom set up in that spare room? A futon can serve as a bed but be a place to sit taking up less than half the room of a bed. the chest of drawers in that spare room is full of your spare clothes, maybe. And do you really need a sectional sofa unit?

    I could sleep on a sofa/bed combination, if it was a good quality one or on a futon. I read and love my books so I would have a bookshelf, a sizeable one. But I have my files reduced to one small box so I don't need a file cabinet. I like a small table in the hall for setting a package on that needs to be sent away, or to place something on in winter while I take off my coat. Kitchen dining or formal dining room? I could get along with a kitchen table and chair set instead of two. Otherwise, it is best to have a wardrobe or display case instead of having open shelves- too much dusting.

    So knowing the woman, it should be easy to begin. Together with thoughtful study you should be able to come up with what THAT particular woman would want as a minimum. I hope reading my thoughts helps you get started.

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