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Where can i get a white Persian doll faced kitten in Maryland?

I would like to know where to get one in Maryland please :) and please let me know if they have doll faces because it's genetically altered like how they make the teacup kittens. i don't want to get a cat that has been harmed to look like something for someone else's own benefit, i just think that's cruel. thanks ^~^


ummm @♫♪♫♫♪ i think that's why i asked to tell me if the doll faced look that the cats have are genetically altered too? You should try reading thoroughly first before accusing someone of something, it's my first time ever wanting to buy a pet and i'm doing my research on the type of pet i want tvm so don't judge me.

@Ocimom I'm not looking for a teacup, I'm looking for a normal cat that wasn't harmed or poorly bred like teacup cats.

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    Whilst traditional (doll faced) Persians are still very popular with the general public, unfortunately cat show judges prefer the flat faced Persian. Registered breeders who show their cats want to win prizes and so they breed flat faced kittens because that is currently considered to be the "ideal" standard for the breed. I think you will struggle to find a traditional Persian breeder registered with TICA, CFA or AFCA. Personally I think that's a shame because there are far less health problems associated with the original, traditional Persian.

    You could possibly find a long-haired white domestic cat at a local shelter. They not be purebred but they'll have bags of charm and you'll be helping save a life.

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  • 7 years ago

    LOL! You "think that's cruel" and yet want to buy a cat that only horrible BACKYARD BREEDERS breed? "Doll face" is not the standard for the breed so the only people breeding them are lowly backyard breeders just out to make money. They also most often don't test for PKD which means a cat that will drop dead in just a few years.

    If you want a longhaired cat but not with the standard face of the Persian then just go to a shelter and adopt a domestic longhair - a longhaired cat of no particular breed.

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  • Ocimom
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    7 years ago

    The so called "doll faced" are nothing more then poor pet quality Persians not bred to the standard and ONLY bred by backyard breeders who don't care about the cats. Persians have a high rate of PKD and I can guarantee any breeder not testing for PKD is not one you want a kitten from.

    Go to your local shelter and adopt a longhair domestic - it will look like the kind of Persian you think you want.

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  • 7 years ago

    No such thing. Teacups are ill bred runny cats that don't livelong. Since you want a BYBer cat you are getting a cat that has been harmed for looks.

    The so called "doll faced" are nothing more then poor pet quality Persians. They have a high rate of PKD since BYBers never test for it and only care about the money

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't know what is meant by the term 'doll faced' but here in the UK If I am looking for a particular breed like Persian I would start by going to the registering bodies. Here it's the GCCF, TICA & FIFe. I'm sure that there must be an American cat fancy & TICA is international so you could start there. Ask for contact details for the breed clubs affiliated with them. As the USA is so large you may find clubs according to areas or even individual states as well as breeds.

    Individual breed clubs often offer a breeders listing for their members & also a kitten list where available kittens are offered for sale. This is the information that you are after BUT just be aware that most breeders are quite picky about which homes they let their precious babies go to & you may well find that you are given a pretty thorough grilling before they will consent to selling you a kitten. This is one of the best ways of finding the best breeders who truly have welfare as a priority. To get a specific colour like white you may have to go on a waiting list. I have been trying to find an Oriental spotted tabby female for about 14 months now.

    You will also find information about the dates & venues of cat shows which you might like to visit because it is a great way to talk to the people that you're trying to get in touch with like other devotees of the Persian breed. Hope this leads you to a successful search.

    Source(s): 40+ years cat owning & 10 years breeding Bengals.
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  • 3 years ago

    I dont understand what to say but, long hair is cute but you keep flicking your hair up so you can see, short hair is cool and you dont have to flick your current hair up at all

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  • 4 years ago

    short hair is good for some people, others, not. it depends just what u look like

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