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What does it mean if a perfume is musky?

I recently ordered a perfume online. I've read and watched the reviews. Almost every video said it smelled musky. What does that mean in a perfume? I know what musk is in the gross smell way but….does musky mean good in a perfume?

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    In perfume lingo, musk is a type of note (or scent, if you will). Musk is used in a number of fragrances, especially in men's colognes, unisex colognes and women's perfumes that are oriental or woody. Musk is usually used as a base or bottom note.

    Sometimes you'll see musk paired with amber, sandalwood, citrus, woody scents or water scents.

    Source(s): Perfume collector. Also work in a scented candle shop (which requires us to know the same ideas as perfumes).
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