Where should I rent an apartment in Oahu, HI?

Hello everyone,

My name is Zack and I am moving to Oahu in a January 2014 (next month). I have never been there. I am in the Navy and im trying to find a good neighborhood to rent an apartment in. I will be stationed on MCBH, Kaheohe Bay. I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio. I would like one with a decent view and in a location that would make it easy for me to go to/from work. My price limit is around $1700. If I can get cheaper then great! My BAH is going to be around $1900 and I want to be able to pay rent and utilities with that. I'm really trying to find a low crime and clean neighborhood. Any input would greatly help!

My dream spot would be something like this:

Great View (preferably away from city lights because I like to stargaze)

Easy access to base (traffic)




Price range $500(lol)-$1700

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