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ROI? asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 6 years ago

Who should I start as my flex pick? Help!?!?

I have Donald Brown vs. Cincy. (probably)

Tony Gonzo vs. Buffalo. (doesn't sound bad but he's not a TD machine)

Terrance Williams vs. Chicago. (doesn't get enough playing time anymore)

Zac Stacy vs. Arizona. (playing vs. #1 Rushing Def)

Crabs vs. Seattle. (#1 passing defense)

And Tavon Austin vs. Arizona. (nope, wildly inconsistent)

My gut is telling me to go with Donald Brown but I don't think he'll put up big numbers but then again neither will Gonzo. Please help!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Tony Gonzalez faces the Packers at Lambeau. I think he'll be utilized against the Packers' struggling defense, and show people he's still got it even as he's about to retire.

    Cincinnati's defense is pretty good, so Donald Brown might not be your best bet.

    Same with Arizona's defense and the Zac Stacy conundrum.

    Michael Crabtree showed promise during a limited debut last week but I'm skeptical purely on match-up and Kaepernick's overall inconsistency.

    Yeah, you said it with Tavon Austin. I was thinking of grabbing him up but he's not going to do much else against the schedule he has.

    I would actually go with Tony Gonzalez. Good luck in Week 14.

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  • 6 years ago

    Gonzalez doesn't play the Bills this week; he's going against the Packers who are a better match up for TEs than the Bills. Still, with the Falcons in Green Bay, it could be a long game. I'd go with Crabtree a potential high risk/high reward play even against a tough match up.

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