how to tell if hep B "past immunity" is from immunization of infection?

I've had a women ask me to look at the STD results of a third party (why is sort of a long story, but a little investigation and google will probably answer if you really want to know).

His test results are all negative or within normal levels except for two things. he is positive for HSV1 an he his test for Hep B Surface Ab shows as "past immunity". he was tested for Hep B Surface Ab, Hep A Ab, Total, and hep c and all were negative.

I presume that the hep B test simply means that he was vaccinated? However, I wanted to determine if it could be an indication of past infection instead, and if there is any way to distinguish between the two forms of immunity? I'm sure in either case he isn't infectious, but it could be relevant for other reasons if he had previously had Hep B.

I also presume the presence of HSV1 is a non issue, wouldn't pose a threat if caught or place a pregnancy at risk etc. I'm pretty sure I know that answer already; but good to ask to be certain :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    A positive hep B surface antibody indicates immunity to the virus, either from vaccination or from a past infection that has now resolved.

    If you had a past resolved infection with hepatitis B you will have both a positive surface antibody result and also a positive hep B core antibody result. If the immunity is a result of vaccination you will have a positive surface antibody but a negative core antibody.

    The majority of adults have HSV1 - more than 80% in some studies. Most commonly it is a result of oral infection (cold sores) and more often than not people have never noticed any symptoms.

  • 7 years ago

    Cut your liver out and peek at it under a microscope. You'll have your answer

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