I know how to design and make websites, what jobs can I do?

Apart from affiliate marketing and getting website customers, what are the other options to earn from for a website designer? I mean by using my website designing skill.


Caren didn't answer my question. Just stated a situation. Answer exactly my question to get good yahoo points.

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    - You can design websites for owners of small to large businesses. There are many people who run businesses like making tires, hotels, mobile shops, furniture shops, etc. You can approach owners of such businesses and ask if they want their own website

    - If you know how to make professional Wordpress themes, then develop it, sell it online and generate passive money

    - Become job seeker at freelancing websites like http://www.elance.com/ or http://www.freelancer.com/ or http://fiverr.com/ and start applying for suitable jobs relating to designing websites. After completing of job, you can earn pretty good amount of money

    - If you know web programming languages like PHP, CSS & HTML, Javascript, etc. very well, then you can build website using those technologies. After building website, do SEO optimization (to get the website on top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc), put ads to generate money and market your site on social media networks. After few months, you can sell off the website to potential buyers at sites like http://www.flippa.com/ Browse Flippa.com carefully and you'll find that many large website have been sold for thousands of $$$.

    Let's say, you have website that makes $10/day from Google Adsense network, then you can sell that website for around $500 and make quick money. This job is like real estate business where you buy home, build it bigger and then sell it off

    - You can become teacher/professor and teach students about concepts of Internet, web browsers, TCP/IP, HTML, PHP, ASP.net, Javascript, AJAX, etc

    All that hard work & experience can land you good job at large mutli-national company for editing, maintaining & doing SEO optimizing of their large websites

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    Designing websites has become so easy these days with sites like Wix and Godaddy. That said, there are still options. The real question is about conversions. Sure you may be able to make a site, but do visitors convert into customers? If you can show a company that you can do that then you will stand out.

    A standard conversion rate on a well put together website is around 15-20% -- and that's a good conversion rate. If you can show the skills needed to push that over 50% then you will get people's attention.

    Source(s): www.breakthroughrightnow.com
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    You can make money by selling websites. If you have good design skills you can sell sites around $500 to $1000 dollars

    Source(s): Make Money Selling Websites: http://www.growthrank.com/2013/08/31/how-to-make-m...
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    Find the keywords to your website. Always remember to have it in connection with your product, company. While looking for a fantastic keyword try to find other specific, 2-3 term keyword phrases works best to do and you will have substantially bigger chance to land on first page and search Engine Results Article (SERP).

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    5 years ago

    The 64 thousand dollar question... Unless you know the owners personally, there isn't much you can do beyond inviting them to visit your portfolio site and telling them that you'd like the opportunity to improve their site. As anyone with a site that's been online for a few years can tell you, we get emails all the time from people that want us to hire them. I look at the examples given, and then usually ignore the offer. You may wish to attempt to convince people that you personally know to let you work for them before cold-calling strangers.

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    Every high school kids, and I know (smart people) know how to design a website, your competition is fierce, where billions can do it, easy!

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    every high school kid that i know (the smart ones) know how to design a website,,, your competition is fierce,,, billions out there can do this,,, easily !!!

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