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Are nicotine free ecigs safe for nonsmokers?

I'm 17 and I've never had an interest to smoke real cigs at all. Way too many health risks and side effects involved. Lately curiosity got the best of me though and i've been reading about ecigs. From what i've read, it seems like they mostly just contain water, nicotine (if wanted), vegetable glycerin, and citric acid (may vary by brand). To me those seem like pretty common things that would be fairly safe if ingested (except the nicotine of course which I wouldn't be getting anyway) yet i've heard from lots of sources that they aren't really safe when the FDA hasn't even officially tested them. There haven't been any reports on any major health issues linked to them that I discovered in my research either. They don't cause cancer or anything like that like normal cigs would. I guess one of the reasons why I would want an ecig is that I think it would help calm my nerves when i'm stressed. The motion of smoking is a relaxing motion and seems like a good stress reliever. I still have common sense though and if there are any major health risks involved, I would definitely not get one. It simply wouldn't be worth it then. I know ecigs are way safer than regular cigs but just how safe are they?

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  • Lava
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    6 years ago
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    Probably fairly safe but little research to show that.

    I firmly believe the biggest risk is flavoring. Glycerin and propylene glycol are so mild it's unlikely thay could cause long term problems, but food flavorings are a huge range of natural and artificial chemicals, none approved for inhalation or tested for safety with inhalation in mind. One natural flavor, diacetyl, can cause lung disease with long term inhalation, most vapers avoid it.

    While it's possible all this peppermint oil and ethyl maltol will kill me in some weird way, I still feel I'm better off than when I inhaled tobacco smoke. You as a nonsmoker aren't trading up. So your choice isn't risk reduction, it's how much additional risk are you willing to accept.

    Btw citric acid isn't a common ingredient, it's used for flavor as well as preservation but not necessary as ejuice doesn't really go bad, and malic acid works better for sour notes. Ethanol is common, like water it's used to thin out the juice. Most juices are a combination of glycerin and propylene glycol base rather than all one or the other but you can find 100% PG or 100% VG juice, both need to be USP grade to be safe for inhalation.

    Source(s): Super paranoid vapers use unflavored juice. I'm paranoid enough I tend to make my own flavors from natural sources when possible.
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