what do you mean by G-sensor?

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    G Sensor is the sensor that can understand the movement of your phone, or a tablet. The way you hold it, it can sense it, and change what you are looking at, accordingly, from horizontal to vertical. It is default in all Android phones. Researched to further explain: extracts from

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200802... ''A G sensor is an accelerometer, measureing the forces that act on it during changes in velocity. The wiki article below has more details. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerometer

    http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/32267/G-sensor... ''G-sensor Technology. measures the acceleration and gravity forces it detects. The most obvious uses for the G-sensor are numerous fun and game applications. One of the most practical applications of the G-sensor is toggling between portrait and landscape screen layout. Most people are familiar with Coke or beer applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. As the manufacturers of mobile devices, such as HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, increasingly equip their devices with G-sensors, numerous opportunities open up for utilization of this new technology.Most current applications supporting the G-sensor technology have one thing in common – the “fun and gamesomeness”. The Resco Tech Ed 2008 Survey is considered a pioneering business application. The nature of the survey is the same as with any conventional survey – questions with multiple-choice answers. However, the way in which the answers are selected is significantly different. When completing a conventional survey on a mobile device you can either use a stylus (mobile devices equipped with touch screen functionality) or a keyboard. Filling in a survey with G-sensor technology support ads a game-like dimension to business applications.''

    Or extract from http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/htc-touch-pro-2/100493-g...

    '' the accelerometor can track motion, therby track orentation by seeing changes of motion while ** a Gsensor can tell oriantation as well as track motion from changes in orentations.....motion sensor is more accurate, it MAY or MAY not have G-sensor's capability, this depends on the software implementation. but the hardware itself is capable of detecting and reacting to all kinds of movement. G-sensor needs _relatively_ sudden movements to activate the gyroscope (think of a marble in box), if the phones (the box) is in landscape, and you tilt it to portrait, the gryo detects it (ie marble rolls to one side). However, if you keep the phone/box's orientation the same, and move the phone closer or further from you (assumign you ar eholding the phone): now if you move it slowly, the marbles won't roll, this is g-sensor. becaue it can't detect this movement. but if you suddenly jerk the phone/box, even if the orientation is the same, the g-sensor should detect it (ie the marble will move). ummm.. just like those dice games on iphone/itouch (if you 've seen the latest itouch commercial)...motion sensor detects all kinds of movements, it's only up to the software to decide if all functionalities are implented or only "up till" the G-sensor capabilities are implemented or something else. best example, G1's compass view, slow movement with the phone in the same orientation will pan around the map...that being said even the motion sensor has its limits, if you move the phone uber slowly, i bet it won't detect the motion, unless it's military grade.......Accelerometer and G-sensor are NOT the same as it applies to phones. The LG Incite (my last phone) has an accelerometer, but could not use programs or games designed for a G-sensor. The TP2, Tilt 2 has a true G-sensor. An accelerometer can only detect whether the phone is in portrait or landscape mode, basically it reads the phone orientation in 1 plane (horizontal or vertical),*** whereas a G-sensor reads orientation in 3D. It can tell if the phone is horizontal or vertical and by how many degrees each way and side to side.Both terms are actually misused in this application. An accelerometer or G-sensor is a device used for measuring movement, particularly velocity and deceleration, not orientation...Re: G-Sensor vs. Accelerometer... difference? Actually, I believe that accelerometer and G-sensor refer to the same thing.G-sensor is a marketing-type name for accelerometers. An accelerometer can measure linear acceleration such as the force of gravity pulling it down (that's how it knows your orientation). This where they get the "G" from, or similarly G forces that a fighter pilot would feel...not all accelerometers are created equal, but most new phones have pretty decent accelerometers since they are now relatively cheap. Gyroscopes measure the rate of rotation (i.e. twisting motion.

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    G Sensor Tablet

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    Its a gravity sensor. Its usually an accelerometer. (or two of them, a left-right one, and an up-down one) It works with a weight inside something like a tube. Judging by where the weight is, the phone can tell if you turn it left or right, up or down.

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    what do you mean by G-sensor?

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    does g sensor means gyro sensor?

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    what is has been work in mobile this G-Sensor

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    I think it depends

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    Maybe so

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