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Does muscle help you NOT gain weight?

I remember watching this video about a workout with a celeb and she's really fit, firm muscles everywhere and doesn't gain weight (well probably just not as easily) and I found another person on yahoo answers who apparently got really muscular and he pigged out during vacation for like a week and gained NO WEIGHT. Would building more muscles help you not gain weight as easily in that area or would it have to be overall?

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    Eventually you would gain weight. lots of muscles means lots of excercise wich means a higher metabolism. You burn food faster and gain less weight. But if you keep pigging out it will catch uppto you.

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    7 years ago

    I believe that muscles burn more calories when you work out. Having said that, some people just don't gain weight as easily as others. And pigging out for just a weekend may not have a great impact either, as long as the overall lifestyle is healthy!

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    muscles burn a lot of energy and keep you form getting fat, but muscle is heavier than fat. The more muscular you are the more you can eat without getting fat but the more muscle the denser and heavier you'll be.

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  • 7 years ago

    Believe me no one takes in more than their daily caloric expenditure without gaining weight. That just doesn't happen.

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