Supernatural: Young John and Mary Winchester question?

So I'm a huge Supernatural fan and was planning on cosplaying with my boyfriend as young John and Mary (HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MATT COHEN!) Anyways, what are some ideas for costumes that the both of us can do? How should I do my hair x makeup for Mary Winchester? Do you know what genres of music the two of them liked?

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    7 years ago
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    Mary kind of has two aspects. To Dean, Mary is a sweet feminine motherly woman with beautiful long flowing blond hair. She would probably be wearing a long floaty nightdress. However, we now also know that Mary was a hunter from a family of hunters, tough, strong, sharp. So I'd probably say wear jeans and a belt with a knife and gun under a long floaty nightie-style top to show both aspects.

    And, of course, we know Dean's taste in music, Classic Rock, was from John (only it wasn't Classic Rock then just current Rock.) I suppose that would have been Mary's taste too. Plus she used to sing 'Hey Jude' to Dean so I suppose she liked the Beatles.

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