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How to make hair look good (boy)..?

Age 15. I have messy curly hair. Any way to make it better luke other guys have

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    Google: Celebrities when they were young

    HAND LOTION: Matthew Morrison keeps his hair soft and smooth by using body lotion instead of styling products.

    Matthew Morrison uses body lotion in his hair. The 32-year-old actor- best known for playing teacher Will Schuester in musical TV drama 'Glee' - claims his biggest beauty secret is his unusual choice of product for his locks, which he says makes them smooth and soft. He said: "My hair is very soft, right? It's because I put Lubriderm in it. It's just body lotion. "I used to use gel and products, but my hair got kind of hard. Then, one day I ran out of whatever I was using and that was the only thing there, this lotion. It ended up being the best my hair ever looked." Matthew's hair is often the subject of jokes in 'Glee' but he insists he doesn't mind because everyone is mocked on the show.

    My dh have used that since Aug. 2011. His hair is softer, smoother, silkier & not frizzy or pouffy.

    Wash & wear, tousle with your fingers, and you're good to go. You've got the simplest hairstyles ever!

    Google search: curly (or wavy) hairstyles for guys. About 1,080,000 results (0.28 seconds)

    Google: Hot Guys Before They Had Good Hair

    Google: Celebrities when they were young

    You can use gel, spike them up if you'd like. Blowdry lightly on low heat to freeze the style.

    Josh Groban: The secret to a good hair day is . . ."ketchup and baby tears! Have you seen my hair? This is basically whatever it decides to do!"

    Tom Brady: “Every man should know, if you’re comfortable and you like it, you should do it. Everyone always worries about what the girls think, what the guys think,” he continues. “If you like it, do it. To me, if you’re trying to impress a girl, get a date, they’re gonna like that more because you’re a confident guy. That’s what it comes down to.”

    Justin Timberlake:

    Singer-actor Justin Timberlake, who has naturally curly locks, says he tries not to use too many hair products because they don't control it.

    "I am low maintenance all the way. It does not take me long. I find the more stuff I put in my hair, the more it sort of fights it. And I don't wash my hair a lot to be honest because I noticed it damages my hair more," quoted Timberlake as saying.

    I've preached this same way, for 5 decades!

    Google: Bradley Cooper: Hair Rollers & Shirtless on Set!

    Google: Pauly D's new Gatsby style hairdo.

    Joe Jonas bids goodbye to his boyband curls in favour of a tougher look as he shaves off all his locks. Or cut your hair like Steve McQueen's hair, he was the ultra-cool male film star of the 60s and rose from a troubled youth spent in reform schools to being the world's most popular actor

    My sons have been doing that for 20 years, using WAHL a haircutting kit. Cost? $30.

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  • 6 years ago

    Did you try brushing or combing it? When hair gets too long, it becomes harder to control. If you were to keep your hair short, it would always look neat and tidy. And you would look great all the time!

    You have hair that just is not good when it gets longer. So you need to make a choice -- do you want it looking good and neat, or do you want it longer and messy? Those are your options.

    I suggest the very first thing to do is have a consultation with a qualified professional hair stylist (no work being done, just a chat with them) and get their professional opinion of some options. This is usually at no charge in most salons. They have the training and experience in working with all kinds of hair to be able to give you some good suggestions on what is possible with your hair, and what would look good on you. Sometimes your own ideas just are not practical. After you talked it over with them, you can go home and decide what you want to do.

    It's only hair -- whatever you do with it is only temporary in the sense that it will grow, and you can do something else. Don't fret over it so much! Some people don't have any hair to worry about at all.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    When I was a freshman in high school every guy had long hair. Going into sophomore year all of it was gone. I suggest going short because it might give you a more mature look but considering I don't know what your hair looks like go to a salon/barber shop and ask whom ever is going to cut your hair for the style that is best suitable for you and how you can style it afterwards.

    Source(s): I have a 16 year old brother and he asks me for help all the time.
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  • 6 years ago

    MESSY CURLY HAIR OH MY GOD, no please do not try to fix it. Embrace it. I would totally be crushin on you.

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