Feel awful, all doctors found is low iron and high b12?

Over the past 6 months or so I have had strange symptoms that seem to come and go but for the past couple weeks it has been constant and I feel worse and worse most days. My complete list of symptoms:

-mild joint pain mostly in knees and ankles with tingling and shooting pains

-increased urination/dehydration

- extreme dizziness especially upon standing and sometimes when sitting or laying down

-overall weakness, feeling ill

-skin rashes/very dry, itchy skin

-extreme fatigue, can't do normal activities

-bowel changes and some stomach discomfort/gas

-chest/rib cage area pain

-loss of appetite(lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks) 5'7" 115lbs

-dreamy/dazed feeling

-hot sweaty, occasional cold sweats

- sometimes very low fever

-very shaky

-hard to describe vision changes

-numbness and pressure in face/head

-shooting pains in front of neck, pain and stiffness in back of neck

-trouble concentrating and making conversation(getting lost when driving, forgetting what I'm doing)

-very pale skin with dark circles around eyes

-shortness of breath/cough

-feel the need to sit down all the time

- occasional pressure and noise in ears

- waves of nausea with extreme lightheadedness and numbness

I have gone through many test, blood tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc and all they found is high b12 and low iron. Already been tested for thyroid problems, diabetes, lyme disease. My CBC is normal other than red blood cells due to anemia. I need help. I'm seeing a neurologist on tuesday because I went to the hospital with my whole face and brain numb and tingling with nausea and feeling like I'm going to pass out with vision problems and confusion. Symptoms have progressed over time. They used to be on and off but now they are nearly constant, sometimes better sometimes worse. I'm an 18 year old female, what could cause this? I'm taking iron and have only felt worse since then, and I have not taken any b12 so I don't know why it is high(1000 normal range is 200-900) iron is 6% normal is 20-55%. The doctor expected b12 to be low. I've read this is linked to leukemia but the rest of my blood work is normal. I was also prescribed a 6 day steroid pack for the joint pain and loss of appetite. It hasn't helped. I'm taking vitamin d because that was low too. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated

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  • Keith
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    6 years ago
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    Have you checked your house for mold?

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