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how much does person standing outside repoting weather?

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    I think you are asking about how much people are paid for reporting the weather. The answer is: not as much as you might think. It all depends on who you work for and how much your employer is willing to pay. If you are experienced and have a degree in meteorology, you make more than if all you do is read the weather. Some weather reporters work only part time for the TV stations and hold other jobs like teaching.

    It also depends a lot on how many people tune in regularly to watch you report than weather. The revenue that TV station makes depends on getting the most viewers to watch their commercials. That also kind of explains why they make every little storm into some grand crisis. The bigger the act these weather people put on, the more viewers (and more money) they bring in. If you like to stand out in hurricanes and floods, you will probably make more......if you live long enough to spend it.

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    How much a "person standing outside repoted weather" is paid depends on the market.

    About 25 thousand USD on the low end to well over 100 thousand USD on the high end.


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    The normal, around 6 feet, alittle less for a female.

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