How was Hollywood in the 30's 40's 50's and early 60's?

I'm curious to know what Hollywood was like during these decades in terms of racism. During these times there was segregation and black people were treated very poorly. However, there were black entertainers and black actors/actresses that were in Hollywood during these times. I'm very curious to know what it was like for the black entertainers and actors in Hollywood. Because, when we think of Old Hollywood we think of glitz and glamour -- movie stars such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Marlon Brando come to our minds. We don't necessarily think of black entertainers/actors when we mention Hollywood during these decades.

Was there segregation within Hollywood?

Could black actors/entertainers go to nightclubs and after parties?

Were the Academy Awards segregated? The Grammy's?

How was it for a black actor/actress in Hollywood? Could they walk the red carpet?

Did they ever make headlines on newspapers?

Were they as famous as their white counterparts?


Those are just few of the type of questions I'm curious to know about. Please insight me with information.

Thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yea black actors got awards, Hattie McDaniel got the best supporting actress Oscar way back in 1939. Los Angeles was segregated like everywhere else but black entertainers did appear on the red carpet and could eat in most restaurants legally, although a lot of owners and bouncers would keep black people out; it was less segregated than most of America. Black entertainers rarely were A-list stars since they either starred in movies or radio shows made especially for black people or played small parts in major movies like maids and service people. Some musicians were exceptions like Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday but most black entertainers werent major players in entertainment.

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    7 years ago

    A lot classier. You didn't have the Lindsay Lohans, Amanda Bynes, and Miley Cyrus' of the world.

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