Is there any solid proof about the fact that Google Facebook and Government Agencies are invading our privacy?

Need facts and proof for argument

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    The "proof" is that it is against the law to provide any kind of solid proof.

    If the government wasn't invading our privacy, why would they threaten people with imprisonment for exposing the government's invasion of privacy?

    Ask Daniel Ellsberg [Pentagon Papers], Julian Assange [Wikileaks], Bradley Manning, or Edward Snowden [NSA] about the government's invasion of privacy.

    You can't ask any but Ellsberg. The others are in exile or in prison, thanks to your friends in Washington. Ellsberg would be in prison too, if he produced the Pentagon Papers today.


    Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    - Lord Acton

    The US government is the closest thing to absolute power in the history of the human race. Invasion of privacy is one small, but tremendously important, part of that corruption.

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