What happens to Russia if the IOC says their laws against gays are illegal?

I recently read that the International Olympic Committee is going to say that Russia's laws that limit gays and lesbians is going to be ruled as illegal under the guidelines for a city hosting the Olympics. What is going to happen to the Sochi games if that happens? Will they not have the games? Will Russia have to change their laws completely or can it be temporary? Please leave a source so I can read about this in depth.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Nothing will happen. All that the IOC can do now is cancel the games in Sochi, Then they will have to pay huge damages to the Russians, something along the line of billions of dollars. They can, of course ask Mr. Putin to suspend the law for a week, but I am pretty sure he will tell the IOC to get stuffed.

    And then the Russians will hold an international "Friendship Games" or something like they did in 1984.

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