Is it a good idea to major in IT and minor in environmental engineering? Do they actually pair well?

I was thinking about getting an IT job with an environmental consulting agency, and I wish to just broaden my scopes, can anyone tell me if this is actually a good idea or a waste of time? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    The first firm that comes to mind is Atmospheric & Environmental Research in Lexington, Mass. They are heavy hitters in the field of climate modeling. Right now they have three jobs posted, all located in College Park, Maryland. All three jobs require an advanced degree in atmospheric science or oceanography or applied math, so an "IT" degree wouldn't make it, but "software engineering" might make it (with the environmental engineering minor, and a master's-level degree in something-or-other). Even though "everybody" is doing Java and C++ nowadays, the AER stuff is written mainly in FORTRAN and IDL.

    Next I looked at Northeastern University's combined major in Computer Science and Environmental Science. A well-known strength of all of Northeastern's undergrad programs is that nearly all students alternate periods of study with periods of "co-op" employment in the field, and the school has lots of connections with the employers. Almost two thirds of the grads are offered full-time employment by their "co-op" employers upon graduation. The website doesn't give a particular employment statistic for the computer-environmental program.

    In a general way, your idea of combining computing with environmental science is totally valid, but be very suspicious of any degree program that does not require calculus or does not incorporate it into subsequent coursework.

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