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whitch led light for my fhish tank is brighter?

out of these to light I want you to tell me witch one is brighter and how much brighter it is to the other light





and also this one http://www.marineandreef.com/Wave_Point_30_25_watt...

so out of the three witch one is brighter

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    Neither of these lights are very good, both are woefully inadequate when it comes to the most important aspect of lighting; PUR (photosynthetically USEFUL radiation), also known as useful light energy

    Neither of these use good drivers or PWM technology (PWM = Pulse Width Modulation), rather these use current reduction which wastes energy as heat and alters the color spectrogram.

    As well these utilize older off the shelf emitter bins whereby light is achieved more by a shot gun approach rather than by fewer but precise efficient patented emitters

    I strongly urge you to read these in depth articles I will reference before you invest in what most aquarium pros know as junk lights


    The "Wave Point" is better than the very poor Marineland Double Bright, but you will notice that no specs are given, nowhere does the selling page state the emitters used or nor is there a published spectrogram.

    Why? because this is still a mass produced LED with emitters that are not much better than you could get in a hardware store LED flashlight.

    Think about how a good laptop is going to advertise that they are using say the latest Intel processor and also cite RAM and other specs; well similar could be said about a good and especially top notch LED as these too are actually electronic pieces of equipment. As LED emitters are not actually lamps or bulbs, rather a LED uses semiconductor technology as its light source

    Consider the Vastly Superior AquaRay LEDs


    Besides the article I cite in my references, this is a good and accurate read:


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    Military Grade Tactical Flashlight : http://FlashLight.uzaev.com/?VuEi

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