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NMFSR: Who will you cheer for Chris Weidman or Anderson Silva?

Im gonna cheer for Weidman. I saw an interview with him, he seems like a really nice guy.

BQ: Would you goto Russia for the 2018 World Cup?

Update 2:

@ghost how you been doing man? Is Deez nutz still around?

Update 3:

@ghost check out Shelby Wakatsuki and Luna Star.

Update 4:

@ghost thats cool. I think MFS has died down cause you and Deez left.

Update 5:

@hector They never fought, and Anderson Silva fights two weightclasses below Cain Velasquez. Dumbass.

Update 6:

@cruz azul you think Belfort and Silva should rematch if Silva wins the rematch?

Update 7:

@ghost did you check out those two girls? Shelby might have the hawtest looks of any girl I seen in the business.

Update 8:

@cruz There is a lot of options for Silva if he wins. Also did you see GSP vs Hendricks. I thought Hendricks got robbed.

Update 9:

@ghost she is like a current day Maria Ozawa, but even hawter. She is half-Portugese I read.

Update 10:

@jefe Jones has fought tougher competition than Cain. Cain has only beat two elite fighters and one of them he beat when he was already on a down end. I think Jones could Cain if Jones stays on the outside and avoids boxing with Cain. I think Jones would choke out Cain.

Update 11:

But Gustafsson at HW would beat Cain and I thought Gustafsson beat Jones in the last fight they had.

Update 12:

@ils most people did not give Okami a chance in the rematch against Silva, he won by DQ when Silva landed an illegal kick on him. I think you were thinking of Sonnen, who dominated Silva for 4 1/2 rounds before getting choked out by Silva in the final mins of the first fight.

Update 13:

@cruz But Cain overly aggressive style makes him vulnerable to the elbows, and he could get guillotined going too aggressively for takedowns. But other than his elbow strikes I don't know if Jones strikes would hurt Cain. I think if landed a lot of leg kicks it could hurt Cain. Im not sure if Jones can KO Cain, only way I think Jones finishes Cain is by submission or maybe a TKO if he lands enough on the legs and body.

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  • Shadam
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    7 years ago
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    yo i live you, your in my contacts thats why i answer question here sometims even tho idc about soccer. but dawg we might need to be rivals silvas my idol and the padres beat my pirates at a game i was at. i like weidman too but if him and tate win in the same night ima be real upset i was the first time silva the goat

    and theres no way in hell guss is stepping up to hw and jones clearly won that fight it was close but the latter rounds ae more important and guss beat him up but never almost finished him in round 4 guss was saved by the bell and in 5 he coudnt even kep his hands up plus to be the champ you have to beat him convincingly

  • 7 years ago

    I'm gonna root for Silva. Also, win or lose against Weidman he should retire.

    Bq: No

    @Porla idk maybe. If Silva still wants to fight then yes and if he still wants to pursue fighting then have a rubber match with Weidman to decide who's the better fighter. If he can win those fights then that would be a great way to retire.

    @Porla I disagree with Jones beating Cain. Cain will smother and grind like what he did with Dos Santos then when Jones is tired, unleash with punches and take him to the ground. Cain is not gonna let him fight at a distance.

    vvv Retard

  • iLs
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    7 years ago

    I remember when Okami fought Silva the second time people thought Okami was going to win, silva won by Ko. I'm not saying Weidman is going to get caught, im saying weidman won't catch Anderson the same way.

    Silva will adjust, he's too versatile.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Chris Weidman

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  • Layun
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    7 years ago

    I don't like Anderson silva I think he's a fake. He likes to talk **** In Portuguese always answers questions in Portuguese when he knows how to speak English, chael sonnen also talked shyt bout him and I agreed with everything, he doesn't fight for the fans but for himself wihich is why he was toying with his opponents instead of finishing them,

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't care about that fight.

    I do want to see Cain Velazquez whip that mayate Jon Overrated Jones

  • Johnny
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    7 years ago

    Anderson Silva.

    Master Yoda, qual o problema dele responder em português? É a língua dele...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Who cares about the UFC crap? I only know of Anderson Silva cause Cain whooped his *** twice. Mexico owns UFC.

  • Ghost
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    7 years ago


    wow it is you sup man im doing good and deezzz is not on as much hes doing his own thing

    alright porlando i ill check them out

    yeah porlando shelby is hot

  • 7 years ago

    BQ: noooo

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