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i live in lebanon pa and i wanna get a big buck, but i dont know where the best spots to go are?

i live in Lebanon pa and if there is any good spot around cornwal or in the area and you know please help because me and my grandpa want a good hunting spot with big buck and doe! and most likely see deer everytime/ also if any1 knows where there are good deer hunting spots on private land in the area also that let hunters in let me know! Thanks!!!

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    State game lands 211 has usually been decent, but swamped with hunters during the firearms season. I hunt private property near Cleona/Annville, but you should know that very few landowners will just let anyone on their land. You sound young though, so maybe if you offer to help a farmer with some chores around the property (and do a good job of it), they might let you hunt. Or in my case, you could try to date someone whose family owns a farm. It's worked well for me.

    If I knew of a public place where I was sure to see lots of deer, I wouldn't be telling you on the internet...I'd be there right now shooting one!

    Edit: I just looked up Cornwall. You're right by state game lands #'s 145, 156 and 46. There's tons of public land near you. Get out there this weekend with your gramps, a gun, and a license.

    Map of gamelands:

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    That's the million dollar question isn't it.

    Most guys I'm sure that know where the big bucks are in Lebanon PA have probably been hunting them for years and are not going to tell you.

    You'll need to go put your time in and find your own.

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    Kamryn, there's a reason it's called "hunting." You have to actually look for the animal you want. We cannot tell you where you'll find a big buck. You need to scout the areas available for you to hunt and make that decision for yourself... but even with appropriate scouting and several months' worth of preparation, you still might not get the animal you want.

    That's why it's called "hunting," and not "killing."

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