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Who should I start at flex? (for first place this week)?

I'm currently tied for first in my division, playing against the top guy in the league this week...

Here's my currently line up:

Russel Wilson QB

Jamaal Charles RB1

Ben Tate RB2

Lamar Miller Flex

Branden Marshall WR1

Keenan Allen WR2

Greg Olsen TE

Miami Def

Nick Novak K

Bench: Roddy White, TY Hilton, Julius Thomas, Danny Woodhead, Jaretty Boykin, Percy Harvin, Broncos D...

As of now Im trusting ben tate at RB2 (not sure about it though)... Biggest debate is Flex, Lamar miller, danny woodhead or maybe Jarett Boykin if Rodgers is back?? Thoughts?

(This is standard scoring)

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    I sound like a broken record, but I really wish people would put matchups in these questions. I don't know how you expect to get good answers without knowing that. For example, I don't think Wilson is a particularly good start this week on the road vs the Niners. If this is a game you technically don't HAVE to win, it should be ok, but don't assume he'll always look like he did last week at home vs arguably the team that travels least best of any!

    At flex, in standard scoring, I'd be tempted to start Miller unless it's a very tough matchup. The Dolphins are still very much in the hunt, and Miller is now the only true back they have. They have to get that running game going, and they finally know it.

    Also, I assume you know this, but if J Thomas is active, you'd start him. He came *this* close to playing last week, so I'd be surprised if he isn't in there.

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