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Question about Joining the Air National Guard as an Officer.?

I'm 33 and have worked in the education field for 10 years as a High School Teacher and Football Coach. I would like to join the Air National Guard as an Officer and am wondering how difficult would it be? My Bachelors degree is in Science and Business Administration. I majored in Computer Info. Systems. I have not worked in that field however as I got into teaching and coaching a year after graduating from college. I'm confident I'll score very well on both the ASVAB and the AFOQT. There are officer positions open in my area (Texas). Anybody with knowledge/experience with the ANG, can you provide insight on the process and how difficult it would be for somebody with my background/experience? Thanks.

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    Process is easy, but will take awhile as there are a lot of other agencies that have to sign off on your officer package.

    First step is to take the ASVAB and AFOQT. For non-flying jobs, you need a 15 in quantitative and a 10 in verbal on the AFOQT to commission, bare minimums. Obviously strive to get higher scores which I know you will and understand.

    The ANG commissions people based on the "whole person concept". Meaning test scores, fitness, and overall people skills.

    After you take the tests, you need to work with the officer accessions recruiter in unit you want to join The will advise of what positions are open ad schedule you to meet the commander of that particular squadron. Each commander selects who they are going to commission. Just because you have a degree and score high enough, doesn't mean you will be a good fit to be in a leadership position so this is why the interview is very important. Not saying this directly to you, just in general.

    My advice, contact a recruiter and see if they will help you set up the ASVAB and AFOQT. They should have knowledge of AFOQT testing centers and when the test is offered. Once they know you have the tests scores to qualify for the job, hen they will move forward and get your to MEPS to do your physical and make sure you qualify medically to join.

    PM me on here with questions. I just commissioned this year, but have 11 years as an enlisted member prior to that. Its a drawn out process, but WELL worth it.

    Thank you for considering joining. Sounds like you are doing it for the right reasons.

    Source(s): Current Officer in ANG, 11 years enlisted prior
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