The American Gov is corrupt?

Alright I'm not saying I am anti-american I am proud to be in this country but doing research and projects for school I've lately been seeking the truth about our government.

First of all, I want to go back to 9/11. Larry Silverstein, the WTC holder, apparently had a dentist appointment on 9/11. Every other day he says he always has breakfast on the 98th floor whatever of the building. This is from a interview on youtube which I will post later. You know american media is controlled by very wealthy Jews. These Zionists put what they want in the media. An average American is absolutely going to believe what they see on tv. Also building 7 did not get hit by a plane and a fire can not bring down the building. Only explosives would bring that building down. Now I'm not saying I'm accurate with my conspiracy about it but engineers have been researching on it ever since the day it happened. Did you ever ask yourself why the 19 hijackers did the plane crash or what was their purpose? Now don't say radical islam please don't. If they were really radical muslims they wouldn't have been in florida drinking and having strippers at their place. The media tries to make Muslims look bad if you haven't noticed. I mean thats what the NSA is doing it is publicizing muslims in america watching pornography. This was released by Snowden.

Also there was a van of Israelis celebrating nearythe WTC. and were brought in custody for questioning and were released. Supposedly some of them were worked for the Mossad a isreali spy agency.

Now all of you guys are probably like why would the American government do this to their own people? Well back in the day the government didn't mind doing operations on its own people.

"Operation Northwoods was a series of false flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration"

There are documents that are released already about this. This was rejected and what a coincidence the JFK got murdered by the CIA because Kennedy didn't want to wage war against Cuba. Even the best debunkers cannot debunk that the CIA was involved in the assassination.

Now lets go to modern day and look at our government actions. The CIA report on Iraq in 2005 said there is no WMD'S in the country. We already knew that come on. The purpose of our occupation there was to get oil.

Now look what are we doing in Afghanistan. CIA created the Taliban. American Army can easily eliminate them and leave the country and have our troops safely returned to their families. But we need an enemy to have bases their to collect natural resources for our country. Lithium and opium is what the AMERICAN Gov needs from afghanistan. Obama still says hes going to but military bases in afghanistan after the 2014 departure of our troops for what reason? Now our government uses drones to attack militants when drones kill many civilians and create more enemy soldiers because their beloved ones die in one of our drone attacks. So why are we really in Afghanistan?

At last, the American government will kill those who are willing to speak or write the truth about what really goes on in the CIA department and in the White House. CIA killed Philip Marshall a 9/11 author of a book who supposedly murdered his children and his dog?! I mean he loved his children and the neighbors said they didn't hear a sound. It was all a black ops hit to be honest. The CIA knew he had secret documents handled to him by his friend so they targeted him.

Again I'm not anti-American, but I want America to prosper and not to do the wrong things and lie to the people about undercover operations and target foreign countries just for their own interest.

Do you guys really believe everything in the media. The CIA is literally a terrorist orginzation that scares foreign nations pretty much sums that up


@Sarah Why did Silverstein saw "pull it" in his interview then? Why did he make so much money afterwards? Why was the stock market booming? What about the Israeli spies? Stop ignoring the truth?

Oh Osama had porn at his house? Don't you notice the media will use this to make muslims bad? Wheres the picture of the porn stash? Stop listening to mainstream media and go do research on yourself.

Update 2:

@Mark hahaha that one day Silverstein made that decision and got his life saved. Yeah like we are totally going to believe that. Also why was Philip Marshall killed than and others who write about it? What about people getting prosecuted under the Patriot Act? Why haven't you answered about CIA undercover operations in the world in Iraq and Chile and their operation MLKUTRA where they used mind control on citizens like us? I don't believe our gov. was behind 9/11 Mark, but there are questions to be asked and yet to be answered.

Update 3:

Philip Marshall was writing a new book with top secret documents. He was hunted down for those documents specifically. The whole place was cleaned up and the case was closed. So don't say they went unsolved it was handled by the CIA. The CIA does drug operations all over the world. You know it too they have more power than some countries. Why do we have to butt in other countries and cause chaos just to get resources? You are ignoring the truth don't reply unless you have an rebuttal to why CIA is so innocent because they aren't. Still no proof of Bin Laden being murdered in the hands of the Navy Seals. Why were they targeted afterwards? Its all unkown.

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  • Mark
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    6 years ago
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    Yes they are the most corrupt in the world. There is just too much evidence now that suggests an inside job on 9/11: the fact that ALL THE WRECKAGE WAS SHIPPED ABROAD as soon as possible, the fact that even ROLLS ROYCE themselves have said that the engine recovered were not the type of engine used on the type of plane (b757) that was said to be responsible. The fact that some of the 'hijackers' are still alive: the fact that no jets were scrambled in time; that no significant plane debris was found at the pentagon site (planes do not vaporize!); that the buildings seem to be demolished, especially building 7; that jet fuel cannot melt steel, even though molten steel was seen "flowing like lava"; that the first responders heard explosions in the basement and within the buildings before they collapsed etc...

    -WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein admitted that building 7 was pulled down by a controlled demolition:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (He changed his story the next day)

    -The technology to bring down buildings with thermite and thermate in nano capacity was developed in the 1980's. They liquidized it in the mid 90's so it could be painted on like a gel coating. The twin towers underwent 'maintenance' for a whole year and guys in white hazmats suits 'painted' the core columns.

    -Official version claims the towers collapsed due to 'pancake effect', meaning the floors came detached from steel girders and fell on top of each other, collapsing the tower. If that's the case, why weren't any of the (core column) steel girders left standing?

    -Pictures show smoke coming from the basement seconds before the plane hits. People (including firefighters and employees) also heard explosions from below the towers, moments before the plane hit. PEOPLE WERE KILLED AND SOME SERIOUSLY INJURED IN THE BASEMENT.

    -Pictures show steel girders with diagonal cuts in the them. This is exactly how controlled demolitions bring down buildings:

    -Designers of the WTC say they were built to withstand MULTIPLE impacts from such an aircraft.

    -Official version states the plane that hit the pentagon 'vaporised' which is why very little traces can be found. Yet they said they managed to find DNA to identify all of the victims on board. Furthermore the building didn't 'vaporise' in any way. What type of plane vaporises, leaving the building and human DNA relatively undamaged.

    -The passport of one of the hijackers in the aircraft was supposedly found in the rubble at the WTC. It's clearly impossible for any personal effects to survive the impact and explosion, therefore it must have been planted.

    -All CCTV footage from around the pentagon has been hidden and never released. Why do that if there is nothing to hide? 86 CCTV cameras show no airplane???


    **PLEASE NOTE: 'Mark F' AKA 'The Groovemeister' is a multiple account TROLL who searches for and responds to every question regarding 9/11 usually answering a question using three or four of his accounts to parrot the governments lies and gives other answers up to eight thumbs down who don't agree. (How sick is that?) He spends his whole life on YA and seems to have no other hobbies, interests, friends or even a job. 'Dr Funkentroll', 'Naughtums', 'Ludwig Van', 'Clair', 'Honey Badger', 'asylum31' and Pooh Bear are just a few of his other accounts that I can remember but he has many more.

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  • Sarah
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    6 years ago

    Sigh. There are NUMEROUS videos of WTC 7 with a huge, gaping hole in the side of the building. The building did get hit by debris and it did catch fire, and I've repeatedly watched the videos because of all of the random conspiracy theories claiming this nonsense.

    I'm not sure why you are claiming that one random Jewish guy not being at his job on one random day is a "Zionist conspiracy" but numerous Jewish Americans were killed on 9/11, which debunks your theory.

    To claim that radical Muslims wouldn't watch porn is ridiculous when we know for a fact that Osama Bin Laden had tons of porn in his house in Pakistan. Turns out, religious nuts are complete hypocrites.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Larry Silverstein having doctors appointment proves nothing other than he had doctors appointment. Is everyone else who was late to work that day also a suspect?

    Larry Silverstein, a real-estate developer did not order the New York fire department to blow up a building. The FDNY don't blow up buildings and they don't take orders from real-estate tycoons. On PBS documentary show America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero, Mr. Silverstein made the following statement when discussing the loss WTC7:

    "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, "We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

    The fire department commander called him, he did not call them. Why did fire department call? Because they could not contain the fires and had such a terrible loss of life they wanted to pull their people out of harms way to avoid further needless casualties. And who made that decision? It wasn't Larry, it was the fire department commander. Pull is a term firefighters use when they evacuate their crews from dangerous buildings. Pull not a term used to blow up buildings.

    Idea that real-estate developers order fire departments to blow up buildings is stupid. Fire department doesn't blow up buildings.

    Idea that this was insurance scam is stupid. Conspiracy nutter add up insurance claims think he made millions. Never calculate his losses which were more than double what he recouped. Insurance money could only be used to rebuild on same site anyway... can't run off to Tahiti with it. Conspiracy nutter don't think about that.

    If WTC7 is insurance scam, how do you explain the attacks on the Pentagon? Flight 93? How does that fit in with insurance scam on unimportant, unknown office tower in NYC? Did Larry Silverstein own the Pentagon?

    Operation Northwoods never happened. Plan rejected, man who proposed it...head of JCS.. lost his job. Northwoods is not proof government does false flags...Northwoods proof government REJECTS false flags. Conspiracy nutters too thick to figure that out.

    Epic fail. Better luck next time.

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  • Mark F
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    6 years ago

    There is just too much evidence now that proves 9/11 was NOT an inside job:

    *ALL the wreckage from the WTC was all collected and carefully examined before those pieces not pertinent to the investigation were sold for scrap. Critical pieces are still in storage at JFK while quite a lot of it is on public display in many places right here in the U.S.

    *The airlines and their insurers all admit it was their aircraft that were hijacked. ROLLS ROYCE have never said that the engines recovered were not the type of engine used on the hijacked planes and no one has ever produced such a statement.

    *None of the hijackers are still alive. If they were why has no one bothered to interview any of them in the last 12 years.

    *Massive amounts of aircraft debris was found at the pentagon site, as well as the DNA from all the passengers and crew and many of their personal effects and of course the Flight Data Recorder from the plane. http://therightbloggerbastard.blogspot.c...

    *No where does the "the official story" ever claim that jet fuel melted steel.

    *No evidence for alleged pools of molten steel has ever been produced nor can anyone explain what it would mean if it did exist.

    *Some first responders heard things they described as "like explosions". None however reported BOMBS. There is a difference. Go ask any of them.

    *WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein admitted on national TV the FDNY called him to say they were pulling rescuers out of harms way around the badly damaged and in danger of collapse 7 World Trade Center to save lives. He has never deviated from that story. Any other interpretation is utterly moronic. The FDNY is not in the building demolition business.

    *During the collapses of the Twin Towers floors became detached from the inner and outer cores, which were incapable of standing on their own, explaining why they could not remain standing.

    No brainer.

    *No evidence has ever been produced showing smoke coming from the basement seconds before the planes hit.

    *Only one person is on record as claiming he heard explosions in the basement before a plane hit but he changes his story more than most people change their underwear. People were injured in the basement due to the blasts from the plane impacts travelling down elevator shafts.

    *Pictures taken weeks after the towers fell show steel girders with diagonal cuts in the them - cuts made by workers using Thermal Lances to clear debris.

    *Designers of the WTC have never claimed they were built to withstand MULTIPLE impacts from aircraft. They were believed capable of surviving one impact, 5 to 7 times less severe than what they actually suffered.

    *Nowhere in the "official version" does it state the plane that hit the pentagon 'vaporized'. The Pentagon was not lightly damaged but heavily damaged with a repair bill of $500 million.

    *No hijacker passports were found in the rubble at the WTC. 4 hijacker passports were recovered, 2 in Shanksville and 2 in NYC that had been ejected from the planes at impact along with hundreds of other artifacts and personal effects. Small, light personal items routinely survive aircraft crashes. As evidence the passports were useless so there was no reason to plant it.

    * Of 85 video's taken into evidence the only security camera footage taken at or around the Pentagon that showed the impact of Flight 77 was released in 2006 after being presented by the prosecution in the Moussawi trial. Some of the other tapes did not even come from Washington DC. One for example was from a Kinko's in Florida.

    *Colonel George Nelson (USAF ret.) is a crackpot who is not taken seriously by anyone outside the tiny 9/11 truther community and had no access to the crash site or evidence at the Pentagon and thus is in no position to speak on what happened there. In 2006 he stated there was enough evidence of an inside job to present to a Grand Jury. So why hasn't he? What is he waiting for?

    **PLEASE NOTE: 'Agenda 21' is a paranoid delusional who stalks people and thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is just one guy, out to get him using multiple sock puppet accounts even when they post things that contradict each other. Agenda 21 answers every question regarding 9/11 by copying and pasting the exact same answer whether it has anything to do with the question or not, just so he doesn't have to think. How sick is that? He blames others for his lousy answer and inability to think. He spends his whole life on YA and seems to have no other hobbies, interests, friends or even a job.

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  • 6 years ago

    [edit] <sigh>. Here's a list of at least 9 other people who just happened to avoid being at the WTC at that time. Perhaps now you will think that **they** are the ones who actually did it:

    And who knows why Philip Marshall was killed; 35% of all homicides go unsolved. So what?

    You're right--there were no stacks of porn. There were, however, thumb drives loaded with the stuff:

    First: Dancing Israelis is a myth:

    Second: Even Al Qaeda is tired of the conspiracy theories:

    Al-Qaeda tells Ahmadinejad to stop ‘ridiculous’ 9/11 theories:

    By Elizabeth Flock

    Even al-Qaeda is sick of hearing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s conspiracy theories.

    The glossy al-Qaeda-run magazine Inspire’s latest issue — a commemorative issue for the 9/11 attacks — calls Ahmadinejad’s belief “ridiculous” and says it “stands in the face of all logic and evidence.”

    In an address before the U.N. General Assembly last week, Ahmadinejad reiterated his belief that the U.S. government was somehow behind the attacks.

    The magazine appears to have criticized the Iranian leader because it didn’t want anyone else taking credit for the attacks, writing: “Iran and the Shi’a in general do not want to give al-Qaeda credit for the greatest and biggest operation ever committed against America.”

    The issue was entitled “The Greatest Special Operation of All Time,” and its cover image shows a silhouette of the World Trade Center made up of dollar signs.

    Third: About Larry Silverstein:

    See here (

    Larry Silverstein began spending every morning at the World Trade Center shortly after he inked a 99-year deal to operate the complex in July 2001. The New York developer would have breakfast at Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 107th floor of the North tower, and then meet for several hours with tenants. But on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, he was at home, dressing for a doctor's appointment his wife had made for him, instead of at his usual table at Windows. "I had said to my wife, sweetheart, cancel my doctor's appointment. I have so much to do at the Trade Center," he recalls. "She got very upset and told me I had to go. As it turns out, that saved my life."

    Epic troll fail.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You already asked this the other day. Is copying and pasting the same nonsense you just made up all you Truthers can manage these days? How is that working for you?

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  • 6 years ago

    You've already trolled this question.

    Time to stop living in mama's basement.

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