How far would you go (legally of course) to "finish off" problem neighbors??

OK, this question is pretty much based on my own experiences, but is still hypothetical.

If you had a set of problem neighbors on your street -- who had no respect for anyone else; seemed to be acting like a gang, and trying to dominate the street; was doing things that lowered the tone of the street (and were doing this either because they were trying to sabotage the community or were complete morons); inconveniencing you at every turn; thumbing noses at every regulation (bylaw, even some lesser laws) -- how far would you go to get to the point where they finally got the message, gave in, and said "uncle"?

Would you snitch to the tax department (if you knew they were cheating left, right and center)?

Would you hammer them with every conceivable bylaw and law -- calling the fire department, child protection services, animal control, whatever necessary?

Would you hire a detective agency to get all the dirt on one or more of these people?

Would you sue one or more of them -- taking them to court over one or more issue?

Would you just do the detective work yourself, and then confront the neighbors, or engage in a borderline smear campaign?

A few points to remember RE this hypothetical question:

First, you are way more intelligent than this group, and have many more resources than they do. Most of the above options would not even make you break a sweat.

Second, the authorities -- bylaw, the police, etc. -- have done a half-hearted job in dealing with these people, even though they are major scofflaws.

Third, the problem crowd refuses to get the message, seeing you as being in the wrong, and keeps doing things that serious inconvenience, even endanger you.

Fourth, the problem crowd is composed of people who are really Complete Loser types, who are not only poor, dumb, uneducated, with twisted priorities, but who do not even have a basic sense of self-preservation, making them major liabilities to your community.

What would you do?


@Jim: If you do a Google search on Horrible Neighbors or similar, you will find that this happens in all sorts of neighborhoods. Also, how do you define a "nice neighborhood"? Property values? The average household income? The average education level of residents? If you go by the first two, you would be way off. The worst communities for neighbor problems are the ones where people are blue collar or lower middle class in terms of family background and education levels, but are upwardly mobile in terms of money -- for example, communities full of people in very well-paying trades or working class jobs (auto industry), or people who are tradespeople who developed successful businesses -- because such people have a great deal of free time on their hands, but do not know how to use it constructively, and do not really care about the subtler aspects of quality of life.

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    Karma always wins in the end. Why should I interfere with that kind of beauty?

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    Move. I would simply move to a nice neighborhood. And actually, that's effectively what most people do. You say that I'm intelligent and have lots of resources. People who are smart and rich move to neighborhoods where this almost never happens. And they pay enough in taxes to hire a police force that will act on it.

    It's hard to fight that kind of gang mentality. As an example, you mention suing. If you sued them, or really do any of the things you mentioned, they will come up behind you with a baseball bat. You'll be dead. They might go to prison because they're probably not smart enough to get away with it. But you'll still be dead.

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    Nothing means more than my families safety. If their safety is compromised, I have no problem taking the correct legal course of action to bring the actions to a halt. Bottom line.

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    I would do nothing you listed.

    Source(s): Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.
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