I need help with my bra size!!?

There are so many different opinions out there on this one, I know. I've been 'fitted' at VS and a department store and came away with the measurement '36C'. Not to mention I've plugged me at home measurements into many online bra size calculators and gotten a wide range (predominantly 36C). To me It doesn't really feel right, the band rides up, once I get doing stuff there ends up being a bit of over the top spillage and while the center lays flat the underwire lines up with the front of my armpit...

I ended up on a site that told me there is modern sizing and traditional sizing. In modern sizing my 30.5x38.5x35 measurement gives me a '32DDD' or a '30G/H' bra size and I can't POSSIBLY imagine that being my actual size. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you ladies!!

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    you may be a 34 d.vs can be inaccurate when measuring.go to a professional bra maker.

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