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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 6 years ago

Confused about certain things for Adjustment of Status?

Hello !

I am currently in US on F1 OPT status. Due to rejection of H1B, I would have to leave the country in Feb-2014. However, as me and my fiance knew that there is a real difficulty in getting back on Immigrant visa (thats what I have read) we decided to get married in Dec (I am getting married in a couple of DAYS !!!!). We are going to process all our papers on record time and get them sent.

Male Nationality (mine) - Indian

Female Nationality (Fiance) - American Citizen - born here.

I am currently working with a very huge Oil and Gas company and am going to sent off to Singapore in Feb. When I spoke to the HR and my managers and explained the whole situation to them, they understood and they said that they are going to give me a leave of absence for around 2 months by which time I should have my EAD again (that is in Mar-April). Then they will reinstate me back to my position (which is a pretty well paid job i should say).

My Questions :

1. If I am out of the employment how much will it affect the process ?

2. Will it be necessary for me to go out of the country any chance (my legal visa on my passport says that I can be here till Dec. 2015)

3. Is it possible to get my EAD till Mar-April if I apply in December itself ?

4. Known my fiance for around 3 years now. how difficult will the interview be for this scene ? Will they doubt the intent ?

5. Do you think it is a good idea for me to stay and do the process or go to Singapore and come back ?

Please Please help me ! I really need your help here !



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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    a marriage to avoid departure ...a bit too obvious that ... better to leave ..go home .. then the fiancée files for a fiancée visa

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