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What happens when I run on the treadmill with only socks on?

I ran on the treadmill for an hour and now 2 of my toes hurts A LOT at the ends. When i walk it hurts and i think theyre blisters but theyre squishy. What is it and how can i heal it?

I was going pretty fast BTW and the socks were really thin

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    Yeah, okay, live and learn. Does indeed sound like blisters. Normally it's a good idea not to try to drain a blister, but one exception is foot blisters that make it hard to walk due to pain. Then draining them (but leaving the overlying skin in place) can hasten healing as long as you are *very* careful to sanitize things... obviously an infection is much worse than a blister. Please click this link for advice on how to proceed:

    (And by the way, if the idea of puncturing a blister is worse to you than living with the pain, then you don't have to do it. You can ask a friend who will be very careful to sanitize everything, or just live with it until it heals. It will take a few days longer. It may puncture and drain on its own.)

    Next time (and I probably don't have to say it): a good pair of supportive shoes, not too tight, not too loose, along with the pair of socks. Let your feet heal completely before you get back on the treadmill or engage in other walking/running exercise, but normal walking you do as part of daily living as pain allows should be fine.

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