Should the SEC champion jump Ohio State for the #2 spot?

I say SEC champ because I'm not couting out Missouri. With all respect to Ohio State, other than Wisconsin, Michigan, and possibly Northwestern (who was ranked at the time of the game, but finished with a losing record) they haven't played anyone good, and had a terrible non conference schedule. Auburn and Missouri both lost to quality opponents, (LSU and South Carolina respectvely) and have better arguments to make about being #2 in the nation. I can pretty much guarantee Florida State in already, I don't think Duke has much of a chance, despite the vast improvement and national ranking. I also feel like Michigan State is capable of beating Ohio State. They played (in my opinion) in the tougher division of the Big Ten, and actually played 2 respectable non-conference opponents. Notre Dame defeated them, and South Florida, (even though they're having a bad year in a new conference) nearly upset UCF on the ROAD, the same UCF team that upset Louisville on the ROAD, the same Louisville team that was the heavy AAC favorite, and a dark horse for the BCS championship. This was also Louisville's only defeat, and UCF's only defeat was to South Carolina. So, if FSU and OSU wins, should the SEC champ jump them in the polls?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hell yeah... Ohio St. has played nothing but powder puffs.. If they played in the SEC they would have had a 4-4 record in the conference.. LMAO....

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  • David
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    7 years ago

    No as the SEC as a whole is overrated. Auburn struggled to beat the 9th best team in the Pac-12, Missouri and Ohio State have a common opponent, Indiana, which Ohio State beat worse. Using what you have said, the Auburn/Missouri winner should jump both Ohio State and Florida State, since anyone with an IQ above 50 knows the ACC is a complete joke.

  • 7 years ago

    Really? How do you figure. Auburn lost by 14 points to a 3 loss LSU. Getting beat soundly doesn't get you an extra pat on the back. And don't get me started with Missouri either. Neither have a better argument for being #2 in the country than Ohio State does, who is undefeated and while Ohio State's non-conference schedule is nothing to brag about, neither is Missouri's or Auburn's. The logic you are using as to why Ohio State shouldn't go actually works better for why Florida State shouldn't go as Ohio State plays in the tougher conference and has the better strength of schedule. And the logic you use for Michigan State beating South Florida who almost beat Central Florida who almost beat South Carolina, also works for Oklahoma State, who beat Miss. State who almost beat Auburn.

    If everyone wins out, the BCS title game will be, and should be Florida State and Ohio State.

  • 7 years ago

    auburn non conference games were against Washington state ,Arkansas state,Western Carolina and florida atlantic.

    Missouri non conference was murry state, Toledo, indiania ( who Missouri beat 45-28 and ohio state beat 42-14) and Arkansas state.

    ohio state non conference was san deigo state, buffalo, flordia a and m and California

    how are the 2 sec teams non conference games tougher then ohio state. I mean do you people even know anything about sports or do you just listen to espn and repeat what those idiots say. if ohio state and flordia state win this weekend that will be the NC sorry sec fanboys. btw FSU has just a weak of schedule and weaker conference than ohio state but they get a pass. you guys are idiots

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  • 7 years ago

    No. While I believe Auburn or Missouri could beat Ohio State, they got beat. Ohio State didn't. Ohio State's schedule isn't exactly great but it's not like they played 12 teams that couldn't find the end zone with a map and compass. Assuming they win this weekend, which I think is a bit hasty, they will have gone undefeated in a major conference.

    And yeah, I'll be shocked if Duke comes close to beating Florida State, but if you'd told me they'd get to 10 wins with David Cutcliffe as coach I'd have told you you needed to be committed, so...

  • Cu Tie
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    7 years ago

    In my opinion, only Auburn can jump Ohio State with a win, if Ohio State beats Michigan State in the Big 10(+2) Championship Game. Keep in mind, Auburn is only .027 points behind Ohio State in the BCS Standings. That deficit can very well be made up.

    On the other hand, Missouri will need Ohio State to lose to Michigan State. Missouri is .1075 points behind Ohio State in the BCS Standings, and that deficit is too large to make up.

  • 7 years ago

    Not at all if OSU and FSU win. Auburn's big wins would have come at the end of the season with victories over Alabama and Missouri. But before that, beating a 4 loss Georgia and 4 loss Texas A&M in my opinion is not better than beating Wisconsin or Iowa. If Missouri wins, they're big win will have been over Auburn and that's it!

  • 7 years ago

    Simple yes they should I still don't understand how Ohio state even moved up in the rankings to no. 2 they should have needed style points against Michigan whom they almost blown that game and won by only one point auburn should be ranked 2 right now

  • 7 years ago

    I don't really like to play the speculation game. If you win your confrence and are one of only two teams in the BCS without a loss, then you deserve to play in the BCS Championship. If that's something you don't like and you feel your confrence is stronger than push your team to play tougher non-confrence games.

    We wouldn't be having this conversation if Alabama played and beat both Ohio State and Florida State in their non-confrence games.

  • Steve
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    7 years ago

    No. The 2 remaining undefeated BCS teams should play for the title.

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