lobbying a legislator?

Has anyone lobbied a legislator and can give me info on how they did it and how it went?

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  • David
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    7 years ago
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    Yes, I have personally lobbied a legislator. In a sense I have done it since childhood, when I asked my grandfather the US Senator to do stuff for me.

    While there are paid lobbyists as another answer suggests, there is nothing to prevent you as a private citizen from contacting your Congressman or Senator to express your views about an issue. That is all lobbying is, you know.

    As a physician I have made appointments with elected people to discuss issues related to health care. I have written letters, but I have also made appointments and sat down with decision makers and made presentations about issues that I hope showed them aspects of the problem under discussion as they pertained to actual practice.

    Make an appointment. Insist on personal contact, which has more impact than a letter. Have a presentation package to give the legislator and a short summary you can give in person. Keep yourself on point. If you introduce a second issue the attention may shift to it and the point you wanted to make might be forgotten.

    I have had more success when I was brief and stayed on point than when I allowed myself to digress, but I have made a difference. Good luck, and go forward with it.

  • 7 years ago

    Perhaps you don't realise that there are people who are paid to lobby.That's their job.And when they do lobby they are not asking,but rather trying to persuade these legilators any way they can.They bring more to the table than desire.They offer to swing votes their way.It's big business to lobby.It takes lots of money and power,something you and I do not poses.You may be rich but that does not mean you have the where with all to lobby.If you are rich you hire a profffesional to lobby on your behalf.Good luck to you.

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