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In the federal high court of Senegal, is Mr Serign Bamba Diop a commissioner for oath ?

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    There is NO court in Senegal called the Federal High Court. The high court in Senegal is called the Constitutional Council. Senegal is not a Federal system so there is no such thing as a Federal High Court. There is also no employee in Senegal with the titel Commission for Oath. That's a fake title used in scams

    Let me guess - you met a beautiful African girl online who claims she is a refugee and her parents were tragically killed. But before her father died, he managed to smuggle millions of dollars into an overseas bank account that she wants you to help transfer because she claims refugees can't access their money. And now she needs you to deal with this fake 'court' to get power of attorney or act as next of kin?? Sound familiar? Congratulations - you have just become the latest victim of a scam that has been conning gullible men for over 10 years

    There is no girl, no camp, no commissioner and no bank account. There's a Nigerian guy in an internet cafe, stolen pictures of a pretty African model, and they are trying to find men stupid enough to believe this story who will send money for various documents, then eventually provide their bank details so they can EMPTY his account

    Here's a copy of the fake document they will send you

    Here's the real Serign Bamba Diop -- does he look anything like a court officer??

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    BAR(DR) Williams AMINGO of :(AMINGO'S CHAMBER) is a lawyer in the Federal High Court of Senegal and is a worker of the UN in Senegal ?

    his email address is <

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