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the sides of a triangle are80cm,100cm,and 140cm determine the radius of the the inscribed angle?

the answer in my book is 7.8sq units

kindly help me pls to show the solution thanks

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    The radius of the circle inscribed in the triangle:

    r = (triangle area)/k where k = (a + b + c)/2

    r = SQR[k(k - a)(k - b)(k - c)]/k

    k = (80 + 100 + 140)/2 = 160

    r = SQR[160(80)(60)(20)]/160 = 3919.2/160 = 24.49cm

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  • Paul
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    6 years ago

    Which of the three angles are inscribed? We need a picture.

    Your book is clearly wrong as you don't measure a radius in square units. You're looking up the answer to the wrong question.

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