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Traveling using airplane mode?

If I am traveling internationally and can't use my cell phone because of extra charges will turning on airplane mode until I come back stop it? Will I still recieve texts and calls? And if I don't recieve them will I get them when I turn airplane mode off or will they just be gone completely?

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    Airplane mode turns the radio in the phone off.... so you will not receive any calls, but you also will not be charged international roaming charges.

    International voice roaming charges are expensive... data is extremely expensive. On most phones you can turn data roaming off to save you on that side. Note, if your phone rings, and you let it go to voicemail, you will be charged roaming charges while the caller is leaving you a message.

    If your phone is in airplane mode, calls will go straight to voicemail and texts will be queued and will be delivered when your phone connects to a tower again.... you will not be charged until the messages reach the phone.

    The best thing to do it just leave your phone in your car at the airport before you leave... and get your messages when you return. Get a cheap phone to use with a pre-paid SIM card while you are away.

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    You won't get any texts or calls if you turn airplane mode on as you are essentially deactivating the cellular function of the device. If you are travelling for a while then there is a good chance you won't receive your texts at all if you leave your phone on airplane mode. Your carrier will try and deliver texts for a few days before it gives up. You don't need to turn on airplane mode, you just need to turn data roaming off. Texts will be free to receive, the only charges you will incur is if you answer (or make) calls or send any texts. The big bills come from data usage (i.e. using the internet or email). If you have an iPhone then iMessages will also use data. Turning off data roaming means you won't have any nasty surprises. You can still use local WiFi to check emails etc. but if you turn airplane mode on then you can only view whatever content is already on your phone. Unless you only want to use it as a camera or media player you'd be better off leaving it at home if you leave airplane mode on the whole time!

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    been there done that, when in Aeroplane mode it will turn off the radio transceiver in your cell phone. You shouldn't be able to send or receive any calls/texts/data. There is a however to all of this, if you are in an area that has wifi you may be able to use skype to make calls or send texts with your phone. I was recently in Cuba and used the hotel's wifi to send and receive messages via facebook, (knew my kid wouldn't have skype on), from my phone in aeroplane mode.

    How long your incoming text messages stay on the company's server is up to your provider. Mine last at least 24 hours (got an angry text from my kid LOL), voice messages will/ should last much longer. Check with your provider as to how long the messages will last on their servers.

    Depending on where you are going and for how long picking up a phone at your destination is an option too. When we travel to the UK we always get the cheapest pay as you go phone there. That way we have a local number, know the phone works, know that we can charge it up when it runs out of juice.

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    When in Airplane mode, you will basically turn off your cellular service. So no, you will not receive any text or calls. You can do it, if you want. The receiving of text and calls will not make your bills big but rather the answering the text and calls will cost you so, just turn off your data roaming so that you can still use your phone but not for calls or texts.

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    while in airplane mode you can use the phone to play games, take pictures and that's about it. you will not be able to send or receive any data texts or calls.

    once you land and turn AM off anything you were sent while in transit will load at that point.

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    You shouldn't get roaming charges because when in airplane mode, the iPhone doesn't communicate with cell towers at all.

  • To be quite frank with you, airplane mode seems to be self explanatory with the usage of two words and three syllables. Usually people use airplane mode on airplanes, but if you want to be a little rebel and use airplane mode on land, kudies to you my friend, cooties to you.

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