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What are the top 12 news headlines of the last 12 days?

Ones that have been on a lot of seen on a few sources?

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    1. Iran signs a new deal with the US and allies on the nuclear program. The deal suspends uranium enrichment for six months and lessens the sanctions on Iran

    2. Egypt protests continuing even after parliament passes a law that requires protesters to register any demonstrations with the police before they are held.

    3. Anti-government protests continue in Thailand, claiming a handful of lives. The PM has rejected calls to resign.

    4. Anti-government protests in Kiev, Ukraine turn violent. The protesters want the PM to resign because he stalled on signing a deal that would have seen Ukraine join the EU.

    5. Afghanistan's Karzai stalls on a security deal with the ISAF alliance that would have seen some American forces remain in the country for security purposes, other leaders in the country and US allies are pressuring him to sign it.

    6. China announces an expansion of its airspace that includes a group of islands that Japan also lays claim to. The US, Japan and S. Korea promptly disagree and violate the new demarcations but then the US govt. decides to back down and instructs the airlines to respect China's space.

    7. The UN announces that there is evidence that shows that the Syrian government has committed war crimes in the Conflict.

    8. American actor Paul Walker dies in a car crash in California

    9. Obamacare website is apparently up and running with many of the glitches fixed.

    10. 3 women in the UK are freed from being slaves with one of them having being held for 30 years (since she was a child).

    11. Saudi Arabia and Israel express their displeasure over the Iran deal. Israel still consider Iran a threat and Saudis are unhappy that the US is warming up to a mutual enemy

    12. M23 leader surrenders and ends his rebellion, creating the first chance for true peace in DR Congo for two decades

    Headlines are random, not arranged in order of importance or anything like that

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