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Birth Control Options with Blood Disorder?

I was looking to get back on birth control because I've decided I truly don't know even if I want kids, and with my blood clotting disorder I'd have to carefully plan it even if I wanted to. I have Factor V Liden, so I know I can't take anything with estrogen. I've considered things with progestin (or however you say it.) but I'm wary because their is no "specific studies that it is better for people with blood disorders". I've also considered the copper IUD paragard but I'm scared of it shifting and also because I have heavy and extreme periods and I heard heavier periods is a common side effect. I don't mind condoms, I just want to be extra safe. I don't really care if I have to take pills or whatever, I just want something extremely effective, and not have even heavier periods. I haven't gotten around to asking my doctor about it, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or knowledge. Thank you very much.

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    Honestly? Condoms are cheap and don't cause issues with blood disorders. Use spermicidal lubricated condoms if you want to be extra cautious.

    Other than that, my husband and I have used Natural Family Planning since our 5 year old was born. To this day, I've never been pregnant unless my husband and I desired another child. It has worked wonderfully. It's planned around your ovulation cycle. You basically abstain from sex during ovulation (2 days before, the days of, and 2 days after), so about a week out of the month.

    We enjoy sex very much using this system :)

    Hormonal BC (pill, ring, even at times the IUD) has always been notorious for causing blood clots and other issues with women. I steer clear of it completely. I'm convinced it cause so many of the issues I had when I was younger, not to mention a miscarriage when I was 22.

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    The safety of IUD's is somewhat controversial for those with clotting disorders. But it seems most doctors allow them. I know mine does. Though for me I don't like the idea. I know many people that love their IUD and it seems just as many hate it enough to have it removed within a few months.

    Anything over the counter is completely safe. So that basically is anything that uses a spermicide to prevent pregnancy. And all of those can be used as a condom back up. The sponge works quite well and it fairly easy to use.

    You can also use diaphragm. And the mini pill is safe as it is progestin only. I used it after I had my first child. And I know many others in the clotting community that have taken it . Those are really the only non permanent options.

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