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What is weather like in Boston in December?

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    It is cold but sometimes it is wicked cold here. I have lived here all my life and have seen some crazy winters here in Boston. I remember one year it was 60 degrees on Christmas Eve.

    Boston can get some wicked crazy weather. Sometimes we can have a rainy december and it be mild and other times like last year we had a wicked cold december and lots of below 0 cold spells.

    December is also peak time when it comes to snow storms, we usually get the noreasters between december and March and then they go away.

    If you do decide to visit here it is nice in the winter with all the lights and the Christmas tree up n all. Hope you enjoy Boston.

    Source(s): Born raised and still living in Boston.
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    Cold with a bit of snow. It can vary in any given year though.

    If you're planning to travel to Boston in December, keep in mind that the city tends to be warmer than the average temperatures for December weather in Massachusetts most of the time - except for when coastal storms called nor'easters dump freezing rain, snow, or sleet on us.

    Although each year is different, we can almost always be sure of getting some snow, even if it is only a sprinkle, at least a few 50° days, possibly some rain, and usually many days with brilliant sunshine. And some years bring a lot of snow!

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    Red Sox Fan's first two paragraphs, in which she says how much Boston's December weather can be very variable, are accurate. Her 3rd paragraph less so. Because the ocean usually remains comparatively warm until the new year, severe 'noreaster snowstorms and blizzards are rather rare in December -- although they have indeed occurred. But usually such storms will be rain or, more often, snow changing to rain, until early January. The snowiest period in Boston then follows until the end of February or early March.

    However, one does nopt have to go very far to the west and north of Boston for lots of December snows -- just 25 - 35 miles and the snow depths in December are doubled and more...

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    Right now it's about 40-50 and damp, but next week the polar air is coming, and it should be easily in the 30's if not colder. In Boston there is a wind off the water, often damp, so it feels colder than it really is, and the wind gets funneled in between the buildings. Layers are best.

    There is sometimes a small snowstorm, perhaps an inch or so, but more often than not it is dry until a bit later in the winter.

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    usually it is nasty cold

    snow and ice storms are common

    December is the wrong time of year to visit Boston

    come in summer when it is nice

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