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Car crash can someone help?

Ok so my relative was in a car accident. She stopped at a red light with idk like 10 cars in front of her. A guy in an SUV didn't stop and hit her from behind, into the next car and so on. Only two cars in front of her were damaged. So my questions are

1. Who pays?

2. They said her SUV was "written off", but I was supposed to get it in a year. The damages are ~$10,000 (Canadian) so who pays or puts money towards it?

3. If I somehow get it repaired, can my relative still use her policy to get the value of her SUV put towards a new vehicle?

If you can answer ANY of these please do!

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. In USA, it depends on your state laws and if accident happened in a no-fault state. . Everybody's insurance pays for the car they hit. Then everybody can sue SUV to recover. Lawyers win again. Next time leave space in front of you for just this reason.

    2. You are out of luck. Written off, in US, means "totaled" and won't be repaired. If the owner had collision insurance, then that pays for the repair or the residual value of her car.

    3. You can buy it from the insurance company but it will have a cloud on the title noting it was totaled. You probably don't want to drive a wrecked car.anyway.

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