Guys: making a comparison of getting girls to football?

My friend said that football will never be baseball because girls can't be compared to it. But I argued that the more you talk to a girl and do whatever, the closer you get to the end-zone and consequently a touchdown (dating). But I have no ******* idea what a field goal is. btw, lets keep it clean. Any suggestions to make this work?

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    7 years ago
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    These are how i see it for keeping it clean:

    A field goal is getting her number(its a good start, but the job isnt completed)

    A touchdown is a date( it is the farthest you can go bc we are keeping it clean)

    A turnover would be getting rejected(you lose possession of the girl)

    A penalty would be her getting mad at you( could hamper the relationship)

    Thats all i got

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