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lobster(jib or park) board?

In the same kind of question of my last one,Im almost always on rails boxes and not many big air,only some small jumps doing 360's or butter while getting to the chairlift and I dont really know about lobster boards so is the lobster jib or park best for me?as I can see the jib one seems better for my style of riding but I find it weird since it is jib board(name) and that the other one is park board and seems about jibbing...Im just not sure about my things so a little help would be great..and would you consider the horrorscope before or I better go with lobster?TYVM

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    I own the Park Board, and have ridden the Jib board.

    Basically the Park board has a better base, has a slightly stiffer flex and a thinner middle base (on the TBT). You can still jib with the parkboard, though with the stiffer flex it does better on bigger jumps.

    The Jib board has a softer flex, has a wider middle base, so it has more balance on rails and it costs less.

    I used to ride a Horrorscope, which is really soft like the Jibboard, but I wanted something a little stiffer for jumps - which is why I got the parkboard.

    From your description, I would get the Jibboard, I think it is more suited to your riding. Overall lobster boards area loads of fun, I wouldn't go back to my capita after riding one.

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    Lobster Jib Board

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    Lobster Park Board

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    when a company refers to park board they often refer it as more like jumps/ramps, half pipes. where as your jibbing board is more or less refered to as like rails, funboxes, etc.

    dont get me wrong that you cant hit of the half pipe with a jibbing board and you cant hit up a fun box with your park board. too be honest they are both very very close in purposes on the hill.

    instead of looking at that i would focus on stiffness. a flexier board is going to be better for rails where as the park board will be more in the mid range- also very good for rails but still giving you that extra stiffness for those often big airs.

    ive never ridden a lobster so i cant comment on them but if i could make a suggestion i would say. StepChild Latchkey or Capita Ultrafear FK.

    i own them both and they are so effin deadly for the park and streets.

    Source(s): long time snowboarder.
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    Answer is YES! The Rome Lo-Fi is a great park board. One thing to keep in mind is 5150 is a sister company of RIDE snowboards. This means you can get the same hi quality boards RIDE makes just with 5150 graphix. Go here and and get the best prices on both brands mentioned. Just think w/ the money you save you may be able to get some new bindings as well. Hope this helps

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