Good Romance Movies? A.K.A Chick Flicks? (2010-2012) 10 Points!?

Hi. I'm looking for a list of good Romance Movies a.k.a Chick Flicks. I'm looking for Movies that came out in 2010-2012. I don't want 2013 because I won't find them for free online. So far I've seen the Vow, Letters to Juliet and the Silver Linings. Can you guys give me a list of Chick Flicks and maybe summarize it a little? 10 Points! :))

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    > Keith (2008 - starring Jesse McCartney) - 17-year-old Natalie thinks she's got it all figured out until she falls for a guy who has nothing to lose.

    > The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012 - starring Emma Watson) - An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.

    > Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011 - starring Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling) - A middle-aged husband's life changes dramatically when his wife asks him for a divorce. He seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a newfound friend, Jacob, learning to pick up girls at bars.

    > Easy A (2010 - starring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes) - A clean-cut high school student relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.

    > Pitch Perfect (2012) - Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining The Bellas, her school's all-girls singing group. Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

    > Flipped (2010) - Two eighth graders start to have feelings for each other despite being total opposites. Based on the novel "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen.

    > This Means War (2012 - starring Reese Witherspoon) - Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

    > Remember Me (2010 - starring Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson) - A romantic drama centered on two new lovers: Tyler, whose parents have split in the wake of his brother's suicide, and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since witnessing her mother's murder.

    > Water For Elephants (2011 - starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson) - A veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet.

    > One Day (2011 - starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess) - After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.

    > Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011 - starring Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor) - A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik's vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.

    > The First Time (2012 - starring Britt Robertson) - A romantic comedy centered on the two high schoolers: Dave, who until now has pined for a girl he can't have, and Aubrey, a creative type who's dating a guy who doesn't quite understand her.

    > Morning Glory (2010 - starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Patrick Wilson) - An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts.

    > Red Dog (2011 - starring Josh Lucas) - Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian outback in search of his long lost master.

    > Life As We Know It (2010 - starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas) - Two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.

    > The Art of Getting By (2011 - starring Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore) - George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who's made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in him a kindred spirit.

    > What To Expect When You're Expecting (2012 - starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chase Crawford) - A look at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby, and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth that no matter what you plan for, life doesn't always deliver what's expected.

    > Leap Year (2010 - starring Amy Adams) - Anna Brady plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29, leap day, because, according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.

    > Charlie St. Cloud (2010 - starring Kim Basinger and Zac Efron) - Charlie St. Cloud has been given the gift of seeing his deceased brother, but when a new love interest is in trouble he must choose between saving a life or continuing to see his brother everyday.

    > Now Is Good (2012 - starring Dakota Fanning) - A girl dying of leukemia compiles a list of things she'd like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to lose her virginity.

    > Something Borrowed (2011 - starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield) - Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé.

    > A Little Bit Of Heaven (2011 - starring Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg) - An irreverent young woman who uses her humor to prevent matters from getting serious has a life-changing visit with her doctor.

    > Monte Carlo (2011 - starring Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester) - Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

    I hope that helps :) It's all I can think of right now!

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    Best Romance Movies 2010

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    2010 Romance Movies

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    confessions of a teenage drama queen mean girls p.s i love you (so sad :( ) 10 Things I Hate About You Grease Pretty In Pink Dirty Dancing Prom night Material Girls The Prince and Me Freaky Friday Bratz Not Another Teen Movie John Tucker must die Just my luck Just friends She's all That Bring it on Coyote Ugly Josie and the Pussycats Road Trip Get over it It's a Boy Girl Thing Crossroads a cinderella story the devil wears prada hairspray step up 1 & 2 aquamarine twilight How to lose a guy in 10 days Sex in the City Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Miss Congeniality Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants The Pink Panther Freaky Friday Along Came Polly Love Actually notebook Honey Romeo & Juliet Bend It Like Beckham 17 again Confessions of a Shopaholic The princess diaries 1 &2 hope thats enough lol xx♥

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