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Best DJ/Music Making Software for Beginners?

What is the best software for a beginner to start creating and mixing music? I know it can get very expensive so I would like to be able to try it before spending a ton of money. Any input/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hello friend, the best DJ/Music making software for beginners are listed below.

    1. Mixxx

    Mixxx is an open source multi-platform DJ program which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Whether you’re an amateur or professional DJ, Mixxx has a good set of features for creating live mixes. You don’t need any extra hardware to use this DJ program but Mixxx also supports Midi control if you have any external hardware – there’s also vinyl control too. Mixxx has a range of real-time effects and you can also record your mixes in WAV format.

    2. Kramixer

    Kramixer is a free DJ software program that runs on most versions of Windows. It has a very impressive (and colorful) interface that fortunately doesn’t detract from the program’s usability. By default, the program runs in optimized mode which is essentially a core set of features that ensures that there aren’t any sound problems. To get the maximum out of Kramixer, you’ll need to switch to the full-featured mode which turns on all the available effects. This free DJ software program has a good selection of real-time effects such as echo, reverb, low pass, and even a robotic effect that’s great for vocals. It’s also possible to record your mixes as MP3 files. Overall, a great free DJ program with plenty of features to keep you going.

    3. Ultramixer 2 Free Edition

    The free edition of Ultramixer 2 which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems gives you the basic elements you need to create live mixes. In order to unlock the program you first need to register using your email address – a free key is sent to you along with a unique code. Although the free edition of Ultramixer 2 isn’t as full-featured as Mixxx for example, it does offer an easy way to import your iTunes playlists and start creating live mixes almost straight away. The program is very easy to use and all the controls are well laid out. However, if you want to record your mixes, then you’ll need to upgrade to at least the basic version.

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    Best Music Making Software

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    Best Dj Software For Mac

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    Digital Beat Making Software

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    I am a music producer and composer since back in the 70s. Let me tell you this:

    1. There is no such thing as a free music production software, money will have to be paid. Don't download any software that claims it's free or else you will get your computer infected with a virus.

    2. Anyone can make music these days, the technology allows you to make extraordinary music/beats with no skills at all

    The best music production software price-features wise it's Dr Drum. Basically this program does what $1500 programs do but costs only $29. That's a steal. And I have to say it's the easiest program to learn. Check it out here:

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    DJ-ing and creating music (music production) are not the same thing. For DJ-ing check something like Native Instruments Traktor, for producing music check Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, or something similar.

    I use FL Studio Producer Edition. It's not too hard to learn but has advanced features. You can use VST plugins and samples to get any sound you want, it's great for electronic music, you can create music from scratch and also remix tunes. You can try the free demo at or buy it with 10% discount with the promo link for new users

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    Magix is a very good piece of software for learning music production.

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    You’re into music right? Of course you are...

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    You can create beats quickly and easily on your PC or MAC without the need for a professional studio or any of the expensive equipment.

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    I believe Traktor is the best program to edit digital music. You can get it here [link)

    It's a very simple and nice software.


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