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Has any QB ever had 4 receivers with Double digit touchdowns in 1 season?

Peyton Manning has now thrown 10 to Julius Thomas, 10 to Demaryius Thomas, 9 to Wes Welker, and so far in todays game Eric Decker has 7.

I think that is what Manning is exactly trying to do, which will explain Why he chose to pass most of his TD passes today to Decker. I don't think its all about the mismatch.

I don't have any problem with it, Im just wondering what you think?

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    It's an interesting point. I don't believe Peyton is the kind of guy who would go out of his way, to the detriment of the team, just in the interest of setting a record (if 4 guys with 10+ scores even is a record). That's not what Peyton is about; matter of fact, I doubt he knows or even cares how many touchdowns each guy has. He's on his last leg. It's about getting to and winning the Super Bowl for him, nothing more. 3 of Decker's touchdown passes were plays of 15 yards or more. Consider that both Demaryius and Julius Thomas both aren't completely healthy (one of them was inactive from the start, and the other has since been taken out from the game). We know that generally, most of Welker's touchdowns come in short yardage, goal to go situations. You don't throw the lob to Welker in the corner of the end zone. I don't blame Peyton for not targeting him in the middle of the field where all of those bodies are waiting. Eric had one on one coverage on the outside and has a fantastic vertical, so when a guy is on fire and the defense can't stop him, you keep throwing to him. Don't fix what isn't broken. Maybe if Julius was playing, Peyton looks for him instead of Decker on that 1 yard throw. This game also has playoff implications. I don't think that Peyton would be picky about who he wants to throw his touchdowns to in a game of this magnitude. He'll take the touchdowns any way he can get them.

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