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What are the agriculture conditions in Nairobi?

What kind of crops do they produce?

What's their main crop?

Where are they produced?

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  • cbsteh
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    7 years ago
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    In Nairobi, urban agriculture (agriculture within cities) is importance. Farmers there grow kale, tomatoes, beans, cowpeas, maize, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, arrowroots, and bananas.

    In Nairobi alone, it is estimated that urban farmers contribute 50,000 bags of maize and 15,000 bags of beans annually and up to a quarter million chickens, about 45,000 goats and sheep, and 42 million liters of milk.

    In 1998 there were 24,000 dairy cattle in Nairobi, and about 180,000 trays of eggs.

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