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Best Place to get a Car Insurance Comparison Free Online?

What sites are best for car insurance comparison? I am trying to find a site that has the widest range of quotes and policies so I can pick insurance cover that is right for me, the plan I have that's due to expire soon is terrible and I feel really ripped off. It's just proving really hard to find something affordable and with good quality cover. Has anyone tried a car insurance comparison site that offers quotes from more than just the usual four or five insurance providers?

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  • Mark R
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    6 years ago

    Go Compare, Confused .com etc... LMAO

    My Toyota was quoted between 300, and NINE THOUSAND

    They will confuse you

    However, use them, then choose the best for you

    DO NOT automatically book through the site

    Go to the site they say is the cheapest

    And they are usually cheaper than the comparison site

  • 3 years ago

    I would like to know more about this as well

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